Robin Wright Playing a Superhero in Wonder Woman?


According to an encounter by The Hollywood Reporter with Robin Wright’s daughter Dylan Penn, when ask on her mother’s whereabouts for the Golden Globes, Dylan answered that the reason for her mother’s absent was because she’s training to be a superhero.

9:21 p.m. – THR asks Dylan Penn if she’s headed to Sunday’s Globes with her mother. “No, she’s not going,” she answers. “She’s training to be a super hero for a movie.” That movie is the upcoming Wonder Woman reboot.

There’s been so many speculations on who Wright might be playing, more so after learning she was cast before Nicole Kidman was offended her role in the film, which left many fans confused, as they automatically assumed Kidman was up for the role of Hippolyta and that’s who Wright was then going to be playing, as Kidman had since passed on the role.

Though this new piece of information might fuel the Hippolyta speculations once more, as Hippolyta can be seen as a superhero. Is it possible?


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