Ronnie Raymond’s Return on The Flash as Firestorm


Major scoops on Ronnie Raymond return to The Flash as Firestorm from actors Robbie Amell (Ronnie Raymond/Firestorm), Danielle Panabaker (Caitlin Snow), Grant Gustin (Barry Allen/The Flash), Carlos Valdes (Cisco) and executive producer Andrew Kreisberg rom an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

If you don’t want spoilers on what’s going to take place in future episodes with Ronnie’s return, we suggest you stop reading here!


Robbie Amell on Ronnie/Firestorm’s return:

“He’s definitely not the same guy he was, he’s definitely a dangerous guy. He’s a bit of a scary dude at this point. He’s more a homeless schizophrenic than Ronnie Raymond.

Caitlin’s the only thing that seems to bring a little bit of Ronnie back out of this odd character, but he needs to battle his own demons before he’s ready to be the man he was when he left,”

Danielle Panabaker on Ronnie/Firestorm’s return and it’s effects on Caitlin:

“Helping The Flash, she’s got a new focus and purpose in her life,” Panabaker says. “She’s letting go of the grief and the sadness of Ronnie’s death. To be faced with that again all of a sudden is terrifying. At first she thinks she’s crazy,” Panabaker continues. “If you thought you saw your dead fiancé just hanging out at the mall, you might go get your head checked, too. Her initial reaction is disbelief. In the same way she’s gone through a lot in the last year, so has he. His is a little bit more violent than what she experienced, so it’s surprising and difficult for her. She struggles with why didn’t you come back sooner and who are you now? How has this past year changed us?”


Grant Gustin on Ronnie/Firestorm’s return and how The Flash will deal with it:

“Ronnie will be an important part of episode 9, as far as Barry’s concerned, in getting him out of trouble, actually, at a certain point. But that’s not to say that’s going to be a pattern the next time we see Ronnie. He’s all over the place and not himself.”

Full interview found over at Entertainment Weekly, The Flash airs Tuesday 8/7c on The CW.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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