Confirmed: Owain Yeoman to Play Vartox on Supergirl


VartoxAccording to sources for, Owain Yeoman (The Mentalist) has been cast to play the DC Comics superhero Vartox, on the CBS television series Supergirl.

In the comics Vartox is an alien super-hero from the planet Valeron, and a friend and ally to Superman. He has a large number of Hyper-powers he acquired in his youth, and describes himself as a Hyper-man. These include powers similar to Superman’s, as well as the ability to convert himself into energy and control things with his mind.

This character nor the casting has been officially confirmed by CBS or DC Comics, for now this will be taken with a grain of salt.

Supergirl is currently filming its pilot episode and the series is set to premiere this upcoming Fall, no date has been set.



Comic Book Resources has confirmed with Warner Bros. that Owain Yeoman has been cast in Supergirl. Yeoman will appear as a guest star in the show’s pilot episode.

Source: CBR

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