Ryan Potter Campaigning to Play Tim Drake in the Batman Film


Ryan Potter who’s best known for the television series Supah Ninjas and voicing the character of Hiro in Disney’s Big Hero 6, is campaigning for the role of Tim Drake, who’s the third Robin in the comics after the death of Jason Todd to later become Red Robin.

Potter began campaigning for the role ever since a wave of DC Comics fans began to fan cast him as the character for the DC Extended Universe and mainly for the Batman solo film, which plot details are still unknown, such as whether Tim Drake will be featured in the film.

Since the endorsement by the fans, Potter has gone as far as stating he’s going to fight for the role and that he’s been doing his resource by reading the comics.

Now as today September 10th, Potter released a video of himself doing a Tim Drake concept fight, which ends with the following message to The Batman actor and director Ben Affleck:

Hey Ben, like Tim said– “Batman needs a Robin”.

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