Sarah Paulson All For Playing Cheetah in the Wonder Woman Sequel


Golden Globe winning actress Sarah Paulson, best known for her role in the hit television series American Horror Story, expressed being totally up to playing Cheetah in the Wonder Woman sequel, as she responded back to a Tweet by a fan to Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins.

The fan went on to stated Paulson or Charlize Theron would be a great as Cheetah, if Jenkins were to use one of the most known Wonder Woman villains in the upcoming movie.

In DC Comics the character of Cheetahs first appeared in Wonder Woman #6, which released on October 1943. The character in the history ends up being three different female characters Priscilla Rich who’s the original Cheetah from the Golden and Silver, Deborah Domaine from the Bronze Age comics and Barbara Ann Minerva who’s the Post-Crisis and current Cheetah.

Wonder Woman 2 is set to be released on November 1, 2019.

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