Scoops on Arrow and Gotham’s Upcoming Episodes


Latest scoops for future episodes of Arrow and Gotham by Matt Webb Mitovich over at The Arrow scoop is about Episode 13 of the 3rd season titled “Canaries” and what fans can expect from it. The scoop for Gotham has to do with Episode 16 with the first appearance of the Grayson and Episode 17 introduction of two recurring characters.


Caity Lotz is back on Arrow in Episode 13, “Canaries.” Any idea of what can we expect? –Catarina
Showrunner Marc Guggenheim sums it up as “a really cool episode” in which Lotz appears as (of course) Sara and Peter Stormare (Prison Break) reprises his role as the villain Vertigo, which is a purposeful season-premiere callback. “It’s an episode where a lot of things that we’ve been doing and setting up during the season really sort of come together,” Guggenheim says of the intent to bring things “full circle.” He adds, “It’s not a ‘climactic’ kind of episode, but there’s a feeling of a big payoff by the end of it.”


Really would love some Gotham spoilers on Leslie Thompkins and Jim Gordon, for when the show returns (on Jan. 5). Have any to share? –Mickey
Hmm, already I’ve had both EP Danny Cannon and new recurring player Morena Baccarin preview Leslie’s arrival/impact on Jim’s life. So instead I will share with you the latest casting calls – including John Grayson and Mary Lloyd, teenage circus performers who will figure into Episode 16 and hint at the origin of a certain Boy Wonder. Episode 17, meanwhile, will introduce two recurring characters: Dr. Dulmacher (aka another Dollmaker), this time conceived as a mad European scientist, and Reggie Payne, an old army buddy of Alfred’s who has gone a bit to seed.


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