Scott Eastwood Confirms He’s Wrapped Filming on Suicide Squad


Scott Eastwood who’s playing an undisclosed character in Suicide Squad, confirmed during a live Periscope stream for Holonis, that he finished filming when he asked by his fan Abigayle Dizon, on how it was filming the movie, which Eastwood responded with:

“It was really fun actually, I just got back, I just finished. I was doing it for the past four months, we were shooting in Toronto and everyone was really awesome.  Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Jared Leto, everyone was great. The movie going to be, I think a pretty good one.”

Also in the same stream, confirmed by Abigayle Dizon to us, Eastwood stated — “You won’t see it coming” in reference to who he’s playing in Suicide Squad.

The comment on finishing Suicide Squad can be found around the 2 minute mark:

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