Sebastian Stan Enjoyed Batman v Superman and Thought Ben Affleck was Incredible as Batman


Actor Sebastian Stan, who’s best known for playing James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes/Winter Soldier in the Marvel Studios films Captain America, was recently interviewed where he was asked on his thoughts on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, in which Stan stated he that enjoyed the film and thought Ben Affleck’s Batman was incredible.

“I did see Batman v Superman,” he says with a grin, “and I enjoyed it.”

Emphasizing the positive, he echoed the sentiments of many a DC fan. “I think visually it was insane. I thought Ben Affleck was an incredible Batman. I thought that fight sequence he had against all the guys, that was sick. Even Jesse Eisenberg was cracking me up at some points. That’s all I got.”

“I also think that DC is at a point right now where, it’s been my impression, they want to get to Justice League. They want to go ahead and kind of get everybody fighting together. And I think the best way to jumpstart that was to get what I think most people wanted to see for a long time: Batman vs. Superman, two of the biggest superheroes in history.”


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