Seth Rogen Confirms Preacher Will Stray From Its Comic Book Scripture


The creators and cast of Preacher were at the Television Critics Association this past Sunday, where they spoke what audience can look forward when it comes to the series, as well as speak a bit on their characters on the series.

Creator and executive producer Seth Rogen wanted to be clear that the series won’t be exactly like the comic book series and goes on the explain why:

“It didn’t seem, at first, that we should do it that way but then we talked to Garth [Ennis]. And Garth very much encouraged us to make a lot of small changes and to make it a good show first and foremost. Our big thing is we want fans who love the comic to get everything they want, but to also make some new twists and turns.”

Rogen continued, “And for them to be surprised and not know what to expect on a weekly basis.”

Dominic Cooper who plays the lead character who’s the Preacher, admitted to being nervous when it came to the role:

“It was a very hard role to take on. I was kind of terrified by the prospect of him. I was desperate to play him when I first read the script.”

Executive producer Evan Goldberg also spoke on two of the more popular characters from the comic book series the character of Cassidy and Eugene, known as Arseface:

“I think what is wonderful about Cassidy is he’s been around for as long as he has and he’s achieved nothing,” Gilgun said. “I’m putting an end to all this sexy vampire business. He’s a rogue, a traveler. He’s had to move, he gets in trouble and he has to go there. He consistently makes terrible decisions. And that’s why I’m perfect for the role.”

“[It] started with finding Ian Colletti, the actor,” Goldberg said. “First we had to know what his face looked like and his body structure and all that. And then try to figure out how to make him look realistic but not cartoony in any way or silly.”

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