Shazam! Projected to Debut Opening Weekend with $50 Million


According to Forbes, the latest projection for Shazam! for its opening weekend will be around $50 million, that’s up from its earlier projection of $40-$45 million last week.

With a budget below $100 million, as we previously reported it being around $80-$90 million, Shazam! is looking to break even within its first weekend Worldwide if it starts off with an opening of $50 million in the domestic box office.

A $55 million or higher opening is also possible if what of Forbes believe could be true for the movie’s opening:

So if Shazam! winds up opening higher than this first tracking, as I am sure it will, it might bow to about $55+/- million. It could finish the weekend even higher, mind you, but for now I want to stick to more moderate expectations.

Shazam! releases in theaters on April 5th, 2019.


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