Shazam! Sequel Expected to Start Filming Summer of 2020


According to Shazam! star Zachary Levi while hosting the 2019 MTV Movie & TV Awards, teased that the sequel to David F. Sandberg’s successful Shazam! movie will start filming sometime in late Spring or early Summer of 2020, as writing for the movie has already began.

This doesn’t come as surprising news, as the movie itself was not only well received by movie critics and general audience members, but it also did well financially in the box office and home video sells, then there’s also the pressure that with an almost all young cast, the Warner Bros. has the pressure to fast forward the production to all the future movies before the child cast become too old for their roles.

As even Producer Peter Safran joked in interviews that the child actors may start looking as old as the Zachary Levi if they don’t go into production soon with the future movies for the Shazam! franchise.

At the moment the Shazam! sequel doesn’t have a release date, but we can only assume will be sometime in 2021.

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