SKWAD #1 | Who is Amanda Waller?


To mark the road to the heavily anticipated Suicide Squad movie, to be released under just 70 days we here at DC Comics Movies we’ll be going undercover to investigate the characters involved in the group know as “Task Force X”.

We’ll be starting with none other than their leader, “The Wall”, Amanda B. Waller.

We hope this series will hype you up for the next instalment in the DC Expanded Universe, and give a good insight on the characters that will be portrayed. Enjoy and don’t forget to comment bellow with your favourite moments or thoughts on the character!

Amanda Waller

Name: Amanda Blake Waller
Known Aliases: The Wall, White Queen, Mockingbird
First Contact: 1986, Legends #1
Affiliations: A.R.G.U.S.; Checkmate; Task Force X; U.S. Government

Amanda Waller remains one of the most intriguing characters of our time. Known for her irascible temper, mixed with enough stubbornness to give Granny Goodness a run for her money, Waller soon acquired a reputation for being as hard to move as a literal Wall.  Forever entrenched in the services of her country, Waller commands the might of the United States covert ops with a cold and deadly iron fist. Determined to put the metahuman threat in check, she’s at the forefront of humanity’s defense, although you may not always see her. Not unless she wants to.

She is as cold and unmoved as any public servant, but as ruthless and as effective as a tyrant. Cross her hairs at your own peril.

Amanda stares down a monster

Information on the Wall is not be abundant, for if Walls have ears they most certainly do not like to talk…

(For this article, the information was gathered through Pre52 sources. N52 was not accounted save for photographic data).

Amanda Blake was a product of the Cabrini-Green housing projects are of Chicago. She married young but fate was cruel and Joseph Waller, her husband, would give her a family he would not live to see grow. After her eldest son was murdered in a mugging gone wrong and her eldest daugther murdered after she was raped, Joseph sought to make justice with his own hands. Her husband would succeed but lose his life in the confrontion with his daughter’s killer.

Stricken by tragedy Amanda adopted her now famous demeanour and put her kids trough college, following them herself. She doctorate in Political Sciences and became a congressional aide to Democratic Senator Marvin Collins. In Washington she would have her first contact with Task Force X.

Her strongest weapon remains her intellect. In machinations and strategies she has been known to rival the likes of Batman, Deathstroke and Lex Luthor.

Amanda Strategy

She has been rumoured to have been involved with several black ops organizations, proving she feels most at home in the spy underworld. Connections with Project Cadmus, Checkmate and the Secret Six have surfaced, although no proof has been obtained.

Ruthless, fearless and deadly – her defining characteristics.

Amanda Waller doesn't care about casualties


We leave you with the foremost examples of her traits, caught on camera. The following is classified data, watch at your own risk.

Source: Batman: Assault on Arkham

(Directly from the Batman best selling video games, known collectively as Arkhamverse, comes this animated film which depicts the Suicide Squad, and our own Amanda Waller in action. A great and fun movie, albeit not advisable for children. If you haven’t checked it out I highly recommend it. It features Harley Quinn, Deadshoot, Captain Boomerang, the Joker and the Bat. Well worth your time)

Source: Justice League Unlimited
(The acclaimed Bruce Timm JLU Cartoon Series, that followed Batman: The Animated Series and Superman: The Animated Series, is one of the great sources of pride for DC Fans. In this arc Amanda Waller is at the forefront of Project Cadmus, directly confronting the Justice League many times. Here you can watch her unmask Batman. Not even Bruce Wayne holds secrets from the Wall.)

Source: Smallville, Season 9
(This retelling of Superman’s origin lasted 10 years, making way for all the DC TV shows currently on the CW. In this promo you can see Waller leading Checkmate a misterious organization that opposes the Man of Steel and the other Kryptonians who arrived on Earth. See Waller as cold and rutheless as ever.)


(Get a good look at Amanda Waller on the Comic-Con first look for Suicide Squad)


Other notable appearances:  Arkham Origins; Arrow; Green Lantern

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