Spoilers Scoops on iZombie and Supergirl


Michael Ausiello of TVLine has some spoiler scoops for both iZombie and Supergirl, for iZombie he scoops on Liv’s love life on the series and for Supergirl, Ausiello discloses some information regarding episode 3.


Question: Do you have any scoop regarding Liv’s love life on iZombie? —Muriel
Ausiello: If you’re carrying a torch for Liv and Major, you should probably toss it in the nearest wastebasket. “They have no chance,” exec producer Rob Thomas declared at Comic-Con. Was he being facetious? All is revealed in the video below! BONUS SCOOP: iZombie is casting Blaine’s polished, articulate, sardonic, wealthy and, most importantly, disapproving father Angus. Expect a very strained family reunion.


Question: Any scoop yet on what’s in store for Supergirl? —Stefanie
Ausiello: A whole world of hurt around Episode 3. That’s when infamous DC villain Reactron is poised to take aim at Kara. The nuclear-powered, exoskeletal chest-plated madman has a long-held grudge against Superman, but, for some reason, it’s his cousin he’s striking out against (possibly because she has her own TV series and Superman doesn’t). Fun bonus fact, free of charge: In the Superman: New Krypton comic, Reactron is responsible for the deaths of Kara’s parents.

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