Suicide Squad Costume Illustrator Talks on Creating the Designs


Suicide Squad costume illustrator Oksana Nedavniaya (The Chronicles of Narnia), who got her start by her portfolio to designer Isis Mussenden at Comic Con years ago, spoke to Variety on the process she went through when it came to creating the costume design for the characters in the film, by creating a mood and direction for the characters and worked on is as the actors were cast:

For “Squad,” the process began with concept boards provided by costume designer Kate Hawley, who did extensive research to capture the right look. “Kate is very much about creating a general mood or direction for the characters,” Nedavniaya says. “We focused on establishing an atmosphere.”

Nedavniaya’s work combined technical illustration with mood enhancements. As actors were cast, she continually refined the illustrations — and remained involved as costumes were built, a rarity for someone in her profession. “I got to see my work in 3D,” she says.


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