Supergirl Is Almost Even with Female and Male Viewers


According to USAToday, the hit CBS television series Supergirl is almost even when it comes to its female and male audience, beating out the other DC Television series when it comes to female viewers and surprisingly rounding off to have more male viewers than female by 2%, as it was previously assumed Supergirl would have a larger female viewership.

Supergirl also attaches older viewers than any of the other comic book television series, which isn’t that surprising as the series it is on CBS, which tends to have an older audience.

Here’s a chart, that’s featured in the USAToday article, on the difference between the comic book related shows that are airing at the moment:

Show (Network)                      % male    % female    Median age

Supergirl (CBS)                         51             49                 56.0

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC)    53             47                 46.9

Gotham (Fox)                            57            43                  47.2

Arrow (CW)                               58             42                  42.9

The Flash (CW)                         60             40                  41.9
What’s great about these numbers is that this will shows Hollywood that female superheroes is something people of every gender do have an interest in and the idea that the male viewership won’t support a female superhero is passé.

To read fully read USAToday‘s article, head over to

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  • Phil Dunlap

    What’s even more impressive is that based on their whole numbers of viewers, Supergirl’s female audience is larger than the total audience of any of the other shows. Meaning, if ONLY women watched Supergirl, it would still have higher ratings than the next highest-rated show on the list. That’s based on its second week ratings. We’ll see how it holds up on its third week.

  • Newmantoplease

    Idc I’m a guy and I love Supergirl! Lol the writings crap but the characters are so likeable, I just hope the overall plot is leading to something big and interesting because so far the plot itself has been garbage tbh.