The CW President Mark Pedowitz Says No More DC Comics Spinoffs on the Network


The CW President Mark Pedowitz confirmed during Television Critics Association Tour last week, that no more DC spin-offs will be added to the network anytime soon, due to the amount of television series based on DC Comics characters they already have on the network, such as Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and on CWSeed with Vixen.

That’s not including iZombie, which is based on a DC Comics imprint comic book series from Vertigo Comics.

Pedowitz also confirmed the real reason they didn’t pickup Supergirl when given the chance to, was because they didn’t want another DC superhero show on the network:

The network has achieved one of its intended missions — bring in more male viewers — with its DC superhero dramas, “Arrow” and “The Flash,” both of which are top performers for the network. Those shows, as well as the network’s other genre-centric series, made it seem like the more logical home for the forthcoming youth-oriented series “Supergirl” — but that show ultimately flew over to sister network CBS. (CBS Corp. and Warner Bros co-own the CW.)

Asked why the CW didn’t land the project, Pedowitz said the network didn’t want to commit to another superhero series because it would detract from its overall mission to broaden out. Warner Bros. presented him with the project last summer — months before “The Flash” was in gearing up for its debut.

“Sometimes you lose great projects,” he said. The network does have another upcoming DC project, “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow,” rolling out midseason.

But Pedowitz said that’s it for now for the DC universe on the CW: “There is no intention, at this point, to spin anything else off,” Pedowitz said.

Those of us hoping for a Constantine possible spin-off pickup after Matt Ryan’s appearance in season 4 of Arrow, shall continue to hold our breathe after this news.

CBS, FOX and NBC, among the other cable networks will be the homes for future DC Comics television series for now on it seems.

Source: LA Times

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  • This is precisely why WB opted to spread their shows over various networks, so as to not wear out their welcome with CW. But some idiots kept asking why they don’t put all their product on one network. SMH

    CW has half the program hours that most other networks have. So they obviously wanna save some space for non-DC programming. However, it’s a catch-22 for them, because DC has been CW’s saving grace. Me personally, aside from DC & Supernatural, I don’t even watch the CW, & I don’t even know anyone else who does.

    DC is in a catch-22 with CW as well. The CW seems like the perfect place for DC programming; they can easily create a cohesive TV universe (as they’ve already done. OTOH, being on different networks makes it easy to create different programs, but it proves virtually impossible to create a universe, based on all the red tape we’ve seen already with the DC shows on other networks.

    I personally think it’s high time that WB/DC had their own network, similar to how WWE does. They have more than enough programming to support their own network, between all the movies, TV shows, & animation.

  • Jason Morris

    The Constantine appearance on Arrow was definitely
    Well received!! I would not classify HIM as a superhero!!
    The CW should do the smart thing and just bring his show back!
    Everyone wants it!!!