The Flash and Gotham TV Surprises of 2014


Variety lists the top 10 best television shows that surprised them in 2014, either due to being pleasant surprises as new television series or for improving from their earlier seasons. The Flash and Gotham both made the list for being pleasant surprises as new television series.

The Flash/Gotham. The frequent knock on superhero-oriented TV shows is that it’s possible to front-load them with expensive pilots, and then witness the action and special effects dwindle as production schedules move into crunch time. But both of this fall’s new DC Comics-derived dramas have bucked that trend, with the CW crimson hero continuing to colorfully race into new adventures and Fox’s brooding drama powering past the hurdle of never being able to actually include Batman in a series that derives its kick from the Dark Knight’s long shadow.

Source: Variety

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