The Flash Panel at WonderCon Teases Season 2 Storyline


Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg during The Flash panel at WonderCon with Carlos Valdes (Cisco Ramon), Candice Patton (Iris West), and Danielle Panabaker (Caitlin Snow) talks about what the future holds for the rest of season one and what fans can look forward to in season two of the television series.

Deadline got the scoops from the panel and here are some of the highlights on what to expect from the rest of season one with Caitlin Snow and the time traveling storyline:

Panabaker confirmed that her character will transform into the antihero and occasional tragic villain Killer Frost, possibly by the end of the current season.

“You’re gonna see her sooner than you think,” Panabaker said, later adding that her character’s arc for the remainder of the season could be summed up with the word “frosty.”

It was also revealed that the events of episode 15 (which aired March 17), erased thanks to The Flash accidentally traveling backward in time, will reappear in some form before the current season ends.

As for what to expect for season two, Kreisberg had this to say:

Teasing that “we’ve got one thing that hopefully, people will lose their minds for,” he discussed in broad strokes that the show’s characters will get glimpses into alternate timelines, further stoking speculation that the intent is to adapt DC Comic’sFlashpoint Crisis in some fashion.

He also said the show intends to add classic The Flash villains Mirror Master and Dr. Alchemy to its rogues gallery, and once again hinted that the show plans to introduce Wally West, in the comics a protege and eventual successor to Barry Allen, at some point.


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