The Flash to Receive the Costume Ring in Season 2?


Looks like Barry Allen in season 2 of The Flash will not only receive a new look to his suit, but may also finally get the costume ring.

At least going by a photo posted by Hugh P. Kent, of himself and Grant Gustin in the new Flash suit, with a grayish looking ring on his left middle finger, in the same placement of Barry’s in the comics… holding a Superman suit, that belongs to Hugh P. Kent.

The costume ring has already appeared in season 1 of the The CW series, when Dr. Harrison Wells as the Reverse Flash used it. Though Wells’ ring actually looked more comic book accurate, than what we’re seeing here for Barry.

But the reason for that could be that this ring is a replacement for the special effects department or a prototype of the first version of the ring for Barry, created by Cisco. Guess we’ll have to wait and see!

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