The Flash Writers and Teddy Sears on The Multiverse Beyond Earth-2


The Flash writers Aaron and Todd Helbing, along with actor Teddy Sears who plays Jay Garrick, spoke to  a group of reporters on the upcoming episodes and the season itself of The CW television series.

Warning Spoilers ahead:

Is Ronnie Raymond really dead, or could he be on Earth-2?

Aaron Helbing: We’re in the Flash-verse so anything’s possible. There’s Earth-2, there’s multiverse, so there’s always a possibility to see Ronnie come back.

Will we see more universes than Earth-1 and Earth-2?

Todd Helbing: Well, right now I think it might be a little confusing to have Earth-17 so I think right now we’re just going to keep it to Earth-2.

Teddy Sears: I love the possibility that an Earth-17 exists, though. Or an Earth-49. What would that look like? With 52 different choices…we’re in Season Two but the possibilities are limitless. A lot of fun things to explore down the line, obviously.

Will we see more of Earth-2?

Aaron Helbing: I think that since there is an Earth-2, there’s always a possibility we will go there. Not necessarily early on, but you’ll see more of it, yes.


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