The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Receiving a Reboot


According to Variety the 2003 movie The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen which is based on the DC Comics Imprint graphic novel with the same name by Alan Moore, is receiving a reboot by 20th Century Fox, after the failure of the original film by fans and critics alike, as well as boxoffice wise.

The reboot is set to have John Davis on board to produce and Jayson Rothwell as a writer, while Ira Napoliello and Matt Reilly are overseeing the film.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was meant to be the Justice League of Victorian England when it was first created by Alan Moore for Jim Lee’s company Wildstorm under his founding company America’s Best Comics, both which are now owned by DC Comics.

The first two Volumes are now published by DC Comics through their imprint Vertigo, and the stand-alone source book The Black Dossier is published through their imprint Wildstormin hand The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is in fact for its first run is a DC Comics product.

With that explanation out-of-the-way, this is why this is being posted as news here!

Source: Variety

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