The Script to the Lucifer Series Pilot

Shares got their hands on the script for the pilot episode of Lucifer written by Californication Tom Kapino, in the script it confirms how the series will differ from the comic book character when it comes to his role as the devil on earth.

While the comic saw Lucifer interact with police, it wasn’t the focus of the comic. And this is. It’s another “police need an expert consultant” series, following everything fromSherlock Holmes to Numb3rs.

The twist to the Lucifer/Chloe relationship is that she appears to be the only woman who is not attracted to Lucifer in some way, indeed his very presence gives her the heebies. And he seems to see that as a fascinating challenge. We get the kind of Moonlighting relationship without the inevitable and show-destroying sex.

What Lucifer also gives us is a lot of talk. This is, to some extent natural, Lucifer is portrayed as a lover not a fighter, and a man who uses words to get people to do what he wants. However, as a result amongst the monologues pretending to be dialogues, there’s a lot of “tell” and not a lot of “show”. To have a chance of succeeding they’ll need to cast a loquacious non-violent alpha male. Basically they need Russell Brand.


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