The Speedster Eliza Harmon to Appear on The Flash


According to TVLine, the speedster Eliza Harmon who was created by Lex Luthor in the comics, will be appearing in episode 16 of season 2 of The Flash.

It’ll be interesting to see if they’ll go with the same origin story of hers from the comics and introduce the idea that Lex exist in The Flash universe, possibly in Earth 2.

How about some non-‘shipper scoop for The Flash? –David
I can report that for Episode 16, the CW hit is guest-casting the DC Comics character of Eliza Harmon, whose TV incarnation is described as an “exceptionally bright scientist” with a “split personality a la Jekyll and Hyde.” In DC lore, Eliza was a Lex Luthor-created speedster, hmm….

Unlike Barry, Eliza gets her powers from the Everyman Project created by Lex, after she begs him to giver her superspeed,  though the side effects of her power is she can’t stop from being in superspeed, until taking a drug called Sharp.

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