The Words on Harley Quinn’s Bat in Suicide Squad Revealed


For those wondering what the small wording on Harley Quinn’s bat in Suicide Squad are of, guess no more, as it’s been revealed by the good eyes of the fandom that they’re the lyrics to the Harley Quinn nursery rhyme from the video game Batman: Arkham City.

Hush little baby, don’t say a world.

Momma’s gonna kill for you the whole damn world.

And if they don’t laugh at our jokes,

Momma’s gonna stab out their goddamn throats.

And if they start to run away,

Momma’s gonna paint the streets with blood.

And once the blood starts to wash off,

Momma’s gonna blow some more heads off.

And if the world still doesn’t laugh,

Momma’s gonna go and poison them.

And once the poison does it’s job,

Momma’s gonna show you you’re legacy.

And if the world still tries to fight,

Momma’s gonna burn their houses down.

And if you grow up with his smile,

Momma’s gonna be so…proud of you…..


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  • Virginia Burton

    that’s is actually incorrect. it has parts of that song on it, but not the whole thing. I’ll post the actual words once i finish deciphering them. i’m so close to getting them all.

    • Jake T

      How’s the decipher going?

      • Virginia Burton

        Going well. I finished.
        It is as follows:
        Hush little baby don’t say a word
        Mama’s gonna kill for you the
        whole damn world And if the
        world should wonder why Mama’s
        gonna make it cry and cry
        All the weirdos and freaks wont
        lay a finger on me cause everyone
        knows whos my baby. hahahaha!
        Hey baby, want me to teach
        these losers a lesson? Eat your
        Heart out. Hush little baby
        don’t say a word, Mama’s gonna
        kill for you the whole damn
        world And if the world should
        wonder why Mama’s gonna
        make ’em cry and cry
        laugh and laugh. I mean
        Tears of laughter. Oh my
        God you’re so funny!
        You’re killing me!
        Laughter and lies
        Puddin and pie.
        All the weirdos and freaks
        can’t lay a finger on me cause
        everyone knows whos my baby
        my boss likes me to wear a
        a smile to work. Good thing
        I like to swing this bat
        Does that make me batty? hahaha!
        You’re killing me! Or am i killing you?
        Wanna play daddy?

        • peyton

          does it really say that i thought there was a part in there where is said you lock up all the crooks and weridos and the geeks. (forgot this part) .. but you see puddin the jokes on you some thing like that

          • Virginia Burton

            Yes. Those are the exact words on the bat. The quote you are thinking was used on someone’s online replica of the bat for a video game mod.

          • peyton

            Lol well yhanks im trying to make a cosplay harley quinn bat that helps alot

          • *Second Lead Syndrome Queen*

            I saw a close up of a picture of the original bat and it did have those words but not in the lullaby. The lullaby is correct like Virginia said. The words you said is in another part of the bat.

        • Jessiner

          It looks like some of the words repeat in red going down. I can make out “Hush little baby.” in one row and another “Mama’s gonna kill for you.” Have you been able to get that part?

          • Virginia Burton

            Here is the actual paper I wrote it down on. The writing on the right part is the red words.


          • Jessica Emenheiser

            Isn’t there some words in blue as well?

          • Virginia Burton

            In the photo attached to my previous comment, there are some words underlined. Those are the words written in blue ink. 🙂

          • Jessie HQ

            Awsome now I’m set to finish the bat. Thanks darling. 😉

          • Leficent Kness

            Can you email it to me how it would be written on the bat? @

          • Gina Santoro McKenna

            Virginia, would you mind emailing me the set up on the bat as well?
            Thank you for doing such a deep dive on this!!

          • Chad Worley

            Can you email me the set up on the bat…

          • Sadie Johns

            Is there anyway you could write it on a sheet the exact same way you would be writing it on the bat with what words need to be blue and red? Is there anyway you could email it to me?

          • Paul M

            Holy crap, your handwriting looks EXACTLY like mine. Freaky.

          • Chad Worley

            do you have a pic of how this is on the bat…if so, could you email it to me?

          • Kyle Emerick

            I am interested too in making a bat and seeing exaclty how they appear on the bat.

        • Misty Young

          can someone email me how its supposed to be written on the bat please im trying to finish the bat for my daughters halloween costume it would be greatly appreciated thank you in advance

        • Jacob

          I was wondering if you could email me the way it is written on the bat please I’m trying to make it for my daughter thank you

        • Pips

          Can i please get a copy of the writing with the blue and red so I can see how to do it C ore coreectly is SO
          last minute please hurry!!

        • Elaine White

          Email me, too please!! I would really like to just print it off on transparent label paper….hope you get this I. Time to send me. Thanks tons!!!!

        • Cheyenne Blades

          can you email me a picture of all the words in the correct colors?

        • Jessica Duff

          YOU GOT IT RIGHT

    • Rosita CARINIO

      Please email me to my email with the right script where needs highlighting in red and blue plz at or thank u!!!

  • Rosita CARINIO

    Can u email it to me typed up with red and blue highlighted where it needs highlighting please.

  • Shanna Hooker

    What were you looking at to decipher the words? What picture

  • Brook H

    Thanks… so helpful. Gonna be Harley for Halloween so…

  • Marissa D Dufault

    Can you please send me a copy as well. All I have left to finish my costume is the bat. I would super appreciate it. Thank you. marissa.dufault@gmail.Com

  • Wendy Michael

    Can I also get a copy of the words emailed to me at I am one of those mothers trying to create a bat for my daughters costume. Thanks

  • Tara Trappitt

    Can you please email me a copy as well, Thank you so much!!