Theory Why Enchantress Has Been Missing from Suicide Squad Filming

Enchantress in New 52

This theory was born from the source that is the Cara Delevingne fandom and a suppose rumor that they’ve heard about why Delevingne’s character Enchantress has been missing from the Suicide Squad filming from this past week.

According to the rumor, the reason Enchantress is missing in action is because she’s actually the squad’s mission that the cast have been seen shooting this past week. Supposedly the rumor is Enchantress is actually the Suicide Squad’s first mission, they then capture her, she then joins them for their follow-up mission, which is the big one.

Now normally we would ignore a rumor like this, but it kind of makes sense. Enchantress if they’re following how she is in the New 52 is a force to be reckoned with. The Justice League even had a hard time with her, so much so they passed her off to the Justice League Dark to handle her due to how powerful she was in the comics with her magic.

Having the military and a SWAT team, along with the Task Force X all on-board to control and stop her seems pretty reasonable when you think about how Superman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg had a hard time with her in the comics.

Also seeing all the distraction that’s been shown thus far on the set of the Suicide Squad, it kind of looks like a panel from issue #2 of Justice League Dark of the aftermath that is Enchantress, after she has one of her rage outs…minus the vines and bugs:JLD_02With that all said, take this theory/rumor with a grain of salt.

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