Tom Welling Talks on Reprising the Role of Superman for Supergirl


Tom Welling who’s known for his role as Clark Kent on Smallville, recently spoke with BuzzFeed on his life during and after Smallville, and how that affect him.

Though it wasn’t all positive, he also spoke on how very proud he is of television series like Arrow and The Flash.

“It’s a compliment,” Welling said, thinking about the extensive superhero offerings on TV now. “I’m very proud of shows like Arrow [and] The Flash. … They’re able to ground these characters so that the viewer can relate on a human level to people who used to be only in two dimensions.”

When asked if he were ever reprise his role on Supergirl, Welling had this to say, which wasn’t put in the Buzzfeed article, but the author of the article did share the quote via Twitter:

Though as long as possible Welling has avoided playing the role of Superman on Smallville, even admitting to it once again in this latest interview:

“This needed to be a show about Clark Kent, not about Superman,” the actor said. “That was always the rule: No flights, no tights. When we got into Season 5, they started to say, ‘Well… maybe…’ But I always maintained that’s not the show. Thank god Peter Roth [chief executive of Warner Bros. Television, which produced Smallville] knew that and always championed in our favor. … It was an incredibly unique experience.”

To read the full interview head over to Buzzfeed.

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