Top 10 Actors Who Could Play Shazam


As we all know a Shazam film is in the works for the DC Extended Universe, slated to be release on April 5, 2019 and starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Black Adam.

Though the character of Shazam has yet to be officially cast, and him being one of my personal favorite DC Comics characters,  it only felt right to use him as my first fan casting article.

Just a heads up, while constructing this list I kept a few things in mind:

  • All these actor are free from comic book franchise at the moment.
  • All these actors have a body of work that people can recognize them from.
  • All these actors are younger than Dwayne Johnson, who’s 42 and that’s only simply because lately Shazam is looking more youthful than Black Adam.

Now onwards to the list that’s organize by actor’s height– shortest to tallest, seeing how Dwayne Johnson is 6’5″!

10. Finn Wittrock

Height: 5’11”
Age: 31
Known For: All My Children , Unbroken , American Horror Story
Who is he: Finn Wittrock is an American actor, who’s resume goes from playing on the soap opera All My Children to Broadway to his most current role on American Horror Story as Dandy Moller.
Why He Could Play Shazam: He has the looks with his dark features, the acting ability and going by his earlier role as Dandy Moller on American Horror Story, he can easily play a grown man with a childish bratty attitude, which lets be honest Billy Batson in the New 52 can sometimes be known to act like.

9. David Giuntoli

Height: 5’11”
Age: 35
Known For: Grimm
Who is he:
David C. Giuntoli is an American actor, who’s best known for the lead role of Detective Nick Burkhardt in the NBC television drama Grimm.
Why He Could Play Shazam: He was in consideration for Superman in Man of Steel, and since Shazam shares similar characterizes to Superman, not only when it comes to his abilities but also when it comes to his appearance at times, Giuntoli would be perfect, as he and Henry Cavill share similar features.

8. Tyler Hoechlin

Height: 6’0″
Age: 28
Known For: Road to Perdition, 7th Heaven, Teen Wolf
Who is he: Tyler Hoechlin is an American actor who got his big break starring as Tom Hanks’ son in the film Road to Perdition based on the
DC imprints graphic novel with the same title and he’s now best known for his role as Derek Hale on the MTV television series Teen Wolf.
Why He Could Play Shazam: His boyish looks and dark features are very representative of how Shazam been featured lately in the DC Comics animated films, most recently Justice League War. Basing on his looks alone, we believe he’ll be a perfect Shazam, now also add built, height and his ability to pull off his own stunts as shown throughout his run on Teen Wolf as the pack leader, he’ll do just fine.

7. Kellan Lutz

Height: 6′ 1″
Age: 30
Known For: The Twilight Saga, Immortals, The Legend of Hercules, The Expendables 3
Who is he: Kellan Lutz is an American fashion model and actor. He is best known for playing Emmett Cullen in The Twilight Saga film series.
Why He Could Play Shazam: He’s proven he can play a childish character as Emmett in The Twilight Saga and a God like character as Poseidon in Immortals and a demi-God as Hercules in The Legend of Hercules, top that off with his overall appearance, he definitely has the looks.

6. Alan Ritchson

Height: 6’2″
Age: 30
Known For: Smallville, The Hunger Games: Catching FireTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Who is he: Alan Ritchson is an American actor, model, and singer. He is known for his modeling career as well as his portrayals of the superhero Aquaman on Smallville and Thad Castle on Spike TV’s Blue Mountain State.
Why He Could Play Shazam: He’s played a superhero twice, once in Smallville as Aquaman, again in the 2014 live action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie as Raphael and he stands at the same height as Shazam is known to stand in the comics. He’s also proven himself to be able to pull off a childish persona as Thad Castle in Blue Mountain State, top that with his overall look, he can easily play Shazam.

5. Brenton Thwaites

Height: 6’2″
Age: 26
Known For: Oculus, Maleficent, The Giver
Who is he: Brenton Thwaites is an Australian actor who had his first big break with his portrayal of Luke Gallagher in the teen drama series, SLiDE. Since moving to the United States, Thwaites has headlined films roles in movies such as Oculus, Maleficent, The Giver and will later be starring in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.
Why He Could Play Shazam: He’s quickly raising as a promising actor with each role he plays and even though he’s Australian he has no problem pulling off an American accent as he shown in films such as Oculus and The Giver. There’s no doubt in our minds he can play off the role of a Superhero who’s a child in a man’s body. He also has the classic Captain Marvel look with the dark features, big dark eyebrows and standing at 6’2″ he stands at the same height as Shazam is known for in the comics.

4. Liam Hemsworth

Height: 6′ 3″
Age: 25
Known For: The Last SongThe Expendables 2, The Hunger Games
Who is he: Liam Hemsworth is an Australian actor who got his big break when he starred in the Nicholas Sparks based movie The Last Song, he’s now best known as Gale Hawthorne in The Hunger Games film series.
Why He Could Play Shazam: He has yet to receive his big break as a lead actor in a hit movie, even though he has proven his talent, has the looks and standing at 6’3″, he screams leading actor material in his own superhero film. It also helps that his older brother Chris Hemsworth is Thor, some pointers from him and Liam should be good.

3. John Krasinski

Height: 6’3″
Age: 36
Known For: The Office, Big Miracle, Monsters University
Who is he: John Krasinski is an American actor, film director and writer. He is known for playing Jim Halpert on the NBC sitcom The Office.
Why He Could Play Shazam: He’s proven himself as an actor when it comes to being able to pull off both serious and comedic roles successfully, he also has an innocent boyish look to him, that’ll help when pulling off a character who suppose to be a boy in an adult’s body. Krasinski has the height and looks that’s just begging to be cast in a comic book movie.

2. Armie Hammer

Height: 6′ 5″
Age: 28
Known For: The Social NetworkThe Lone RangerThe Man from U.N.C.L.E.
Who is he: Arimie Hammer is an is an American actor best known for his role in The Social Network, playing the real-life twin brothers Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss.
Why He Could Play Shazam: He shares the same height as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, meaning Shazam and Black Adam, he has the looks and has proven himself as a comedic actor who can play someone childish. More so, has worked opposite Superman himself Henry Cavill in The Man from U.N.C.L.E., which we saw how well they played off each other in the film. 

1. Daniel Cudmoreshazam_02

Height: 6’6″
Age: 34
Known For: X-menThe Twilight Saga, Warcraft
Who is he: Daniel Cudmore is a Canadian actor and stuntman, best known for his role in the X-men films as Colossus and Felix in the The Twilight Saga.
Why He Could Play Shazam: Now that he’s no longer apart of the X-men franchise, he’s a prefect fit for the role of Shazam when it comes to looks and height, standing at 6’6″, he’ll be towering a bit over Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Black Adam, which will make him much more threatening as Shazam.


What do you guys think of this list, who’s your favorite among my choices?

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  • Red Queen

    Interesting chooices! I’m curious to see who they end up casting both as Shazam and Billy Batson.

  • CRLyons

    In my opinion i dont think they should cast a well-known actor for Shazam, if anything they should focus far more on the Billy Batson character. The Rock is already gonna demand enough screen time, and most of a Shazam movie would have the character in Batson’s point of view, unless they go back to ancient egypt. I wouldnt mind seeing some of these guys cast though, I would go for either Ty Simpkins or Nick Robinson as Billy Batson,

    • Neal Kumar

      Ty Simpkins as Billy Batson. not bad.

  • Wanted to try a fan cast for Billy Batson, but it’s hard. Not only kid actors I can see in the role honestly.

  • Stephen Smith

    Brandon Molale still gets my pick for Shazam. He’s got the build, looks, and he looks like someone who could go toe to toe with The Rock. The guys mentioned on this list are too skinny and pretty boyish. Brandon is also closer in age to Dwayne Johnson.

    • Henry Cavill was smaller when he was cast as Superman and he bulked up a lot, likewise with Ben Attack. All the guys on the list can bulk up as they already have the frame work. Also Shazam is boyish, he’s been drawn to look more boyish for sometime now in the comics and animated films.

  • David Stewart

    None of these actors are fit to play Shazam. The wizard obviously need to be played by someone older.
    Any of them could do, though, to play Captain Marvel. Why didn’t you consider that?

    • Stephen Smith

      Yeah, only one thing. He’s no longer Captain Marvel in the comics. He’s now called Shazam. So I stand by my previous post about these actors looking too young for the role for Shazam (formerly known as Captain Marvel). None of these actors mentioned, even if they bulked up, look like they can square off against Dwayne Johnson as Teth Adam. They need someone a bit older. Daniel Cudmore is maybe the only person who somewhat could work, but he’s not exactly an accomplished actor. He barely spoke in the Xmen movies.

      • How old do you think Billy Batson’s body becomes when he turns into Shazam? He’s suppose to become a full grown adult, which is 21 for males, all these actors are above 21. The actors who played Caption Marvel in the Shazam television series in the 70’s were either in their late 20’s and early 30’s. I’m confused by the comment all these actors are too young when more than half are in their 30’s or will be in their 30’s when the film finally releases.

        • Stephen Smith

          I can’t say I’ve ever thought Billy Batson morphs into an adult of 21 years old. In the comics I’ve read, he looks more like he’s in his mid 30s, more along the lines of how Superman’s age looks. I don’t know how DC comics have been drawing Shazam lately, but in the older comics I’ve read, he looks to be into his mid to late 30s. These actors all have baby faces and I stand by my comment about looking like they couldn’t go toe to toe with Dwayne Johnson, even if they did bulk up. I think an unknown may even work better than this list.

          • Not saying that’s the age Billy Batson turns when he’s Shazam, but in the comics Billy Batson becomes a full grown adult in his prime form, with the powers of Shazam and technically speaking a male is a full grown adult at the age of 21, so anywhere from 21 and above Billy Batson can be Shazam… all these actors are above the age of 25-36, meaning they’re full grown adult males, who still have time to mature as the film still isn’t in production.

            And once again, Shazam is looking more youthful with the way he’s drawn in the comics, maybe you should start reading some recent stuff, as that’s what the DCEU seems to be leaning towards.. pick up Shazam Vol 1 from the New 52.

            Also no actual actor can go toe to toe with a former wrestlers, this film will be based on fictional characters, with actors pretending to be superheroes. Dwayne Johnson isn’t really going to fight these guys and these guys won’t really have to be able to knock out Dwayne Johnson. Also Black Adam is suppose to have the upper hand anyways over Shazam, as Shazam is just a naive boy in a man’s body, while Black Adam is a man in a man’s body.

            This is how Shazam looks in the “Justice League: Darksied War” comic.

      • David Stewart

        He will ALWAYS be named Captain Marvel. Whatever DiDio, Lee, and Harras do is inconsequential to me and to all future history! He will be named correctly again, you can count on it.

        • Stephen Smith

          I agree with you on that. To me, he will also always be Captain Marvel. I hope you’re right about his name changing back to the Captain again. I’m not exactly happy with how DC has handled Shazam/Captain Marvel since acquiring him decades ago. I feel like DC wastes him and never give him a shot as a top tier character. Not liking his new origin story or costume design either. And just once, I’d like to see Captain Marvel flat out beat Superman, but the powers that be at DC comics, would never let that happen. I feel like Marvel comics would do a better job at managing Shazam at times. All DC ever pushes is Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and The Flash. Most people don’t know the other DC characters outside of them. Marvel does a better job at promoting their lesser known characters and getting them on the big screen. Not sure why DC has so much trouble with that. I like Batman as much as the next person, but how many Batman films do we need at this point? Maybe give some lesser known characters a shot at having a trilogy of movies. I’ll be shocked if DC actually moves forward with a Shazam movie. I’m sure that’s all pending on how well all of the other DC movies do first, which is a mistake. We’ll see what happens I guess.

          • Shazam has beat Superman in the comics before, also DC has given attention to their lesser known characters that aren’t the ones you’ve listed, I’ll list them for you as you seem to have forgotten:

            Swamp Thing got a two movies and a television series.

            Steel got a movie.

            Constantine got a movie and a tv show.

            Watchmen got a movie.

            Shazam got a tv show that was on air for 3 seasons.

            Birds of Prey got a tv show.

            Green Arrow has a series with 4 seasons.

            Supergirl got a movie and now has a hit tv show.

            Firestorm, The Atom, Captain Cold, Rip Hunter, Hawkgirl, Hawkman and Black Canary as the White Canary are getting a tv series together airing next year.

            I haven’t even mentioned iZombie, Preacher, Lucifer, V for Vendetta, Jonah Hex, Catwoman and The Losers… all who have tv shows or have had movies.

            Also comparing Marvel amount of movies which has had four studios making films on their characters, to DC who’s has had really only Warner Bros. and is just now starting their slate of films is unfair.

            People have only in the past few years have became familiar with Marvel less known characters… DC has been putting out content of their less known characters since the 70’s… people just like to pretend nothing before 2008 counts.

          • Stephen Smith

            @DC Comics Move. Not exactly. When has Shazam beaten Superman in the comics? Which comic? He’s fought Superman to a stand still, but he’s never actually outright won a fight.

            I understand your examples of older DC silver screen movies and TV series, but by that logic, you can make the same argument that Marvel did the same. Marvel had plenty of TV shows and cartoons before the 2000’s. But I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that your average person on the streets will know more 2nd or 3rd tier Marvel characters than 2nd or 3rd tier DC characters. Most fans of Batman and Superman I’ve spoken to either didn’t know who Captain Marvel was when I spoke to them or they acted like he didn’t matter.

        • badsaj1

          Unfortunately, legally they can’t change his name back to Captain Marvel. DC let the copyright on the name Captain Marvel lapse, and Marvel made a character named Captain Marvel,(actually a series of different characters named Captain Marvel). As long as Marvel keeps an active hero with that name DC can never get it back.

  • I feel like derek theler could also be added. the guys 6’5” and 29 years old. hes built (but would need to bulk up more) and can definitely play a goofy guy. he really wants to be a superhero, he tried out for captain america i believe. he’s interested in shazam if i remember correctly as well.
    but if not him, i’d go with armie! he can definitely be goofy and serious – great actor!

  • Mikoveli

    If i had to pick from these actors id pick 1st Alan Ritchson and 2nd Armie Hammer are the better actors that fits a Shazam role. But idk if a not that known actor would be best for Shazam. It works for Superman (if the movie is good) but Shazam is on thin ice. Just wanna throw out there that Shazam is my favorite DC character but not many people know about him or like him and not having a titled issue doesn’t help. The movie has to be a home run to bring Shazam back to stardom level. And maybe a known actor would be the best choice to bring the fans to the stands. What do you think about John Cena? 1. He can brings a big crowd to introduce the World’s Mightiest Mortal back into the cinematic universe. 2. His acting is improving and is actually better than most think (in my opinion better then some on this list) 3. The one thing i wouldn’t like is two wrestlers starting in a dc movie as far as cheesiness goes, but if they knock it out the park it can be big. and 4. He has the built and height (6’1) for Shazam and fits to play a part to take on The Rocks Black Adam (6’5″). Who ever DC picks to play Shazam and Billy Batson i hope they do great and the movie succeeds.

  • MikeyMike

    More i thought about it, Yes Alan Ritchson is my number one choice over all

  • Amir Faiz

    Channing Tatum

  • Amir Faiz

    Shazam is a team of 2 characters so they have to look alike so siblings or relatives could be ood

  • Amir Faiz

    pls be sure to choose someone buff nobody wants to see a skinny shazam no offence dc but your choices suck its like u let marvel win on purpose how could you not cast gyllenhaal , McConaughey or even Matt Damon they would have been brilliant for lex luthor Flash is a similar issue Barry Allen is a blonde buff man in all versions of the comics could u have tried to get Ryan Gosling or even Chris Pine would have been fine somebody that has a freakin body of a hero not someone in a teen girls bedroom you freakin morons kill your casting managers get someone who actually picked up a comic book to choose the freakin actors for shame WB for shame

  • Amir Faiz

    that moron eisenberg went in to get the role of jimmy olson and came out as lex lutor think of the madness that goes on inside their HQ its quite scary

  • Gbo

    I think Derek Theler would be a different choice. He is from the sitcom ‘Baby Daddy’ very funny and very childish. Maybe not the best actor compared to the big names but he does fit physically… He is 6’5″ and pretty buff.

  • Erick Juarez

    Hmmmm great choices I read all of them and I believe Kellan Lutz will make a great Shazam . He’s played as a semi god. His height is the only concern I have because Dwayne Johnson is taller than that. But other than that Kallen would be my SHAZAM if I where to choose an actor to play as Shazam.

  • Neal Kumar

    1st choice – Armie Hammer
    just need muscular bulk like right superman. man of steel.

    now its SHAZAM , not CAPTAIN MARVEL. NO need older actor.

    thats sparking lightening looks around shazam that save for later.

  • David Uche

    What about DEREK THELER for SHAZAM