Top 8 Characters that Could be Zoom on The Flash


For those watching the second season of The Flash, you are fully aware of the new villain of the story, who comes from the other reality that’s known as Earth 2, who goes by the name of Zoom.

Since his introduction into the series fans have speculated who could be Zoom, much like fans did back in season 1 with Reverse-Flash, who turned out to be Eobard Thawne in the body of Dr. Harrison Wells.

Because fans have speculated, I thought it would be a cool idea to narrow down all the possible candidates who can possibly be Zoom. We’ll first start with characters that have already appeared on series:

Eobard Thawne

Eobard_ThawneThis could be possible, there’s no reason Eobard Thawne from Earth-2 had also not exist and it’s possible he’ll have the same wants as Eobard Thawne of Earth-1, but rather than going by the name of Reverse Flash, he goes by the name of Zoom, much like in the comics as he was also known as Professor Zoom.

Dr. Harrison Wells

Harrison_WellsNow imagine if Harrison Wells from Earth-2, who’s actually a man by the name of Harrison Wells would turn out to be the real bad guy, who is Zoom? That would be a twist, but a redundant one as we already sat through that idea for the a story, only difference was, it was Eobard Thawne in Harrison Wells’s body.

Eddie Thawne

Eddie_ThawneEddie Thawne from Earth-2 should still be alive, as the events of what took place in Earth-1 in the finale episode of season one never actually took place in Earth-2, and maybe he had progressed in more ways than one, the action that his future relative Eobard Thawne would end up taking on as Reverse Flash by becoming Zoom.

Barry Allen

Barry_AllenBarry Allen of Earth-2 is the real villain of the story, this is one that starting to pickup within the fandom, which will be a real fun one if it ends up being true. What if Barry Allen of Earth-2 had a different upbringing, what if both of his parents died and Joe West never took him in and he grew up to turn into this monster that’s known as Zoom? It’ll surely be an awesome twist and it’ll be fun to see Grant Gustin play the bad guy. Barry has been the villain in the past in the comics, with the Black Flash storyline, in which Barry Allen turns into the Black Flash and starts killing other speedsters who have connections to the speed force.

Henry Allen

Henry_AllenEver since Henry Allen got out of jail, he disappeared from Barry’s life, in the premiere episode of this season. Henry reasoning for leaving, was because he didn’t want to get in the way of who Barry has become as The Flash, that he felt he would be a reason Barry would dropped the role. One can say, he’s a supportive father who wants his son to continue doing good with his power or he’s a dick for leaving his son after he worked so hard in trying to get his father out of jail… either way, there’s been a lot photo mashups that fans have credited between the promotional images from “Enter Zoom” to that of actor John Wesley Shipp, who plays Henry Allen and it’s all in the eyes.


Character from the comics, who have yet to be introduced:

Hunter Zolomon (Zoom)

Edward_ClarissThis would make the most sense if they’re following Flash comic book canon, as Hunter Zolomon is actually the first to go by simply “Zoom” in the comics, as he took Eobard Thawne’s nickname and removed the “Professor” from the title. Though he has yet to be introduced on the series, but in the comics he mostly deals with Wally West, who’s the third Flash in the comics, following Barry Allen. Since this season it’s been confirmed that Wally West will be introduced, it’ll make sense to bring on his arch-nemesis.

Dr. Edward Clariss (Rival)

Hunter_ZolomonEdward Clariss is actually the arch-nemesis to Jay Garrick’s The Flash in the comics, who goes by the name of Rival and he’s the first to become what later is known as The Reverse Flash, as Edward Clariss dresses exactly like Jay Garrick as The Flash does, but in darker colors and has the same power as him. He also looks more like how Zoom looks when it comes to the blue energy surrounding him than any of the others.

Daniel West (Reverse-Flash)

Daniel_WestDaniel West who’s the latest to go by the name the Reverse Flash and is Iris West’s brother in the comics, and going on with the theme of this season with the West Family, it could very well be possible, more so since the mention of Iris having a brother has been acknowledged this season. But of course he’s going to turn out to be Wally West in Earth-1, but what if Iris of Earth-2 also has a brother, who turned out to be like Daniel West in the comics? Could be Earth-2 Wally West is Zoom.


Who do you think can possibly be Zoom on The Flash?

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