Viola Davis Talks Suicide Squad on Jimmy Kimmel Live


Viola Davis while promoting her latest film Lila & Eve on Jimmy Kimmel Live, was asked on her character of Amanda Waller in Suicide Squad after Kimmel admitted to not being familiar with her. While he asked her this, he showed the following photo of Waller from the comics:

Davis went on to explain her character, stating she was a villain in the comics and then spoke on an injury she got on the set of Suicide Squad, where she hurt her pinky finger by losing a big flap of skin from it, but stated she couldn’t disclose what exactly she was doing on set to get the injury, because if she did, she would have to kill someone.

Kimmel then ask if its dangerous shooting the film, which Davis again stated she couldn’t say much about it, which Kimmel responded back that he only wants to know what’s going on in the film because The Joker in it, which Davis responded that they’re playing sociopaths.

Kimmel then asked if Amanda Waller “Good or Bad” which Waller responded, “She’s a BADASS!”, Kimmel then asked what would Superman think of Waller and if Waller would be on Superman’s side, which Davis responded “Oh no, Superman will quake in his tights.” which Kimmel jokingly showed the photo again of Waller from the comics and stated going by the photo Waller’s powers seem to tossing keys, because he couldn’t believe Superman would be scared of Waller.

Davis also in the interview confirms that she’ll be filming both Suicide Squad and her hit television series How to Get Away with Murder at the same time, as she starts the new season for her series in July.

UPDATE: A video of the interview has been released by Yahoo!:

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