Warner Bros Bets Big on DC Comics for Television


CNBC features Warner Bros. plans with what they’re doing with DC Comics and their television series, highlighting how successful they’ve been by taking the character off of the comic book pages and making them into hit entertainment on television.

Time Warner CEO Jeffrey Bewkes has this to say on DC Televsion:

“how the best [intellectual property] can be monetized across many different platforms both inside and beyond traditional ecosystems.”

Eric Handler media and entertainment analyst at MKM Partners had this to say regarding fatigue between the series:

“If it was all about superheroes in capes jumping around fighting crime and all of the shows were similar, then I would be concerned,” he told CNBC. “‘Gotham’ is a very different show than ‘The Flash.'”

The article even highlights the deal Warner Bros.and Netflix reached where now the streaming media will be the exclusive streaming subscription source for Gotham.

Source: CNBC.com

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