Warner Bros. Marketing Department Indirectly Confirms Jena Malone’s Character


Warner Bros. through their marketing department outlet Warner Bros. A-List Community, which is an exclusive online community for Warner Bros. insiders, where they take survey published by Warner Bros. for research study purposes, for the advertisements of their products, have indirectly confirmed Jena Malone’s character in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in their latest survey they sent out to their members.

In the survey Warner Bros. gave members a list of actors and their characters with the question: “Would you like to see more, less, or the same amount of the following actors/characters in future advertisements for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice?” Next to Malone’s name Barbara Gordon is listed, confirming that Jena Malone is in fact the Barbara Gordon of the DC Extended Universe.

Though sadly it’s been confirmed that Malone’s scenes were cut from the theatrical release of the film, but will be in fact appear in the R-rated “Ultimate Edition” extended cut of the film on home video. Also even though director Zack Snyder made sure to debunk that Malone wasn’t playing Robin or Batgirl, he didn’t confirm that she wouldn’t be playing Barbara Gordon herself or the character of Oracle.
Source: Reddit.com/r/DC_Cinematic

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