Warner Bros. To Announce Wonder Woman Sequel at San Diego Comic Con


According to The Hollywood Reporter, this upcoming weekend at San Diego Comic Con, the sequel to Wonder Woman will be announced by Warner Bros, with Patty Jenkins once again at the helm.

This news comes as Wonder Woman continues to overcome another milestones at the domestic box office, as the film soon to become the third-biggest release of all time for the studio, in North America. At the moment Wonder Woman sits at $380.7 million and is about to surpass Harry Potter Deathly Hallows: Part 2 which ended its theatrical domestic run at $381 million.

The the top two grossing films domestically for the studio are The Dark Knight ($533.3 million) and The Dark Knight Rises ($448.1 million), which Wonder Woman isn’t likely to come close to reaching those numbers by the end of its run.

Source: HollywoodReporter.com

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  • GAB

    Clickbait, THR is just speculating, they don’t know nothing for certain. It probably WON’T happen. Every single year, the week before the San Diego Comic Con, news sites write something regards some announcement and every year they wrong regarding DC. Funny how nothing changes. They’ve said literally evertything from “full announcement of release dates” to “announcment of Man of Steel solo sequel” to “announcement of The Batman release”, “announcement of the Shazam movie and full schedule”, etc. Is just classic clickbait from some liars of THR. That’s just speculation for clickbaiting. Case closed.

    • naggibator

      Agreed bro 🙂
      THR sucked sh.t)

    • Eric Curto

      THR was not really wrong, WW 2 was announced, just not in SDCC and that was probably due to not securing it for sure until afterward. THR is very reliable, though them and Variety have been wrong in the past, to say they were wrong even though it as announced a day or two later is naïve

      • GAB

        The movie wasn’t announced at Comic Con, the news said a thing, was wrong about that. It was announced later, fine, but that wasn’t what the site said. To justify erroneous things that happened in different times is naive. An article can be reliable if the person who wrote it want to let people know an info, an article cannot be reliable if the person who wrote want to attract clicks. Is ingenous someone who believe in everything is said or wrote, without give the benefice of the doubt. I can say that Wonder Woman 3 will be made, Batman movies will be made, and they will all be announced at some point.