Which Comic Book TV Show Had the Best Fall


The Hollywood Reporter wants to know which of the comic book television shows had the best fall, it’s between Arrow, Gotham, The Flash, Constantine and Agents of SHIELD.

They posted a poll which everyone can vote on and wrote the following reasons why each show had the best fall of 2014. This is what they had to say about the DC Comics television shows:

Arrow (The CW)

The perennial superhero favorite’s third season upped the ante (if that is even possible) with a murder plot and the threat of Ra’s Al Ghul.

Constantine (NBC)

Constantine has earned praise for being a more faithful adaptation of the DC Comics property than the 2005 film. But Constantine has failed to heat up the ratings in its Friday night spot. In November, NBC said it would halt production on Constantine after 13 episodes, though a second season is still a possibility.

The Flash (The CW)

Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) has taken this new series and run with it, with some fans declaring it as good as Arrow.

Gotham (Fox)

Gotham has received support from fans, as well as criticism for those accusing it of suffering from prequelitis. Fox is said to be happy with the exploration of Gotham before Batman, and comic book fans seem happy enough, too.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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