Wonder Woman Being Forecast To Open to Over $100 Million


According to BoxOffice.com the forecast for Wonder Woman, for its opening weekend number has risen from $96 million, which is what it was previously being forecast to open to, to now $111 million. 

Boxoffice.com release this forecast on Friday, May 26th exactly a week prior to Wonder Woman’s release on June 2nd. These numbers can either go up or down since its original reporting. But with the positive word of mouth from both fans and critics, it’s very possible this current forecast for Wonder Woman, will be right on the nose.

As even Mark Hughes of Forbes, also goes on to support the box office for Wonder Woman being bigger than what it was estimated a few weeks ago, which was at $65 million.

I think Wonder Woman is going to open much bigger than these estimates, and have strong legs. For right now, I’m going with an initial pure-gut guesstimate of $100 million domestic opening, a 2.8x multiplier, and a final tally somewhere around $700+ million, with a domestic-foreign split that’s not quite as heavily skewed toward international markets due to the strength of the domestic sales.

It’s possible that by the time we’re entering opening weekend, the tracking and estimates will all point to a finish north of $100 million and bigger-than-expected foreign returns, in which case I’ll wait to see the Cinemascore and second weekend hold, but if those latter two pieces of data are good then I’ll be revising my final box office estimate upward toward. For now, though, I think a finish in the $600+ million range is pretty likely, and I’m betting on something closer to the $700 million range.

Source: Pro.boxoffice.com

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