Wonder Woman Brings In $38.85 Million For Friday


Forbes is reporting that Wonder Woman brought in an estimated $38.85 million at the box office for its Friday showings, that’s including the Thursday night preview that started at 7pm.

According to the report, it’s possible the film can open to 100 million as it’s looking at the moment to be opening around $99 or $98 million, with the possibility of the studio pushing it to $100 million for a better looking number.

That triple-digit debut milestone is worth its weight in media gold, so if it’s anywhere close to $100m on Sunday the question becomes does Warner Bros. fake it on Sunday and then release finals on Monday of $99 or $98 million? Or do they release “low” estimates on Sunday and then buy another day of good news when they release “Hey, it made $100m over the weekend after all?” Monday actuals.

Though with that said by Forbes, many other outlets are reporting the film can very well honestly do over $100 million for its opening weekend.

Source: Forbes.com

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