Wonder Woman Comic Book Artist Nicola Scott Talks Gal Gadot


Nicola_ScottNicola Scott who’s a comic book artist, who has drawn Wonder Woman for DC Comics, spoke a bit about Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman at the Oz Comic Con, in Sydney Australia, when asked by one of the admins of the Facebook Fanpage Gal Gadot Wonder Woman Fans.

Hey guys I’m
Currently at Oz Comic Con Sydney Australia and I just spoke to Nicola Scott the artist about Gal as Wonder Woman. She said she is optimistic about everything she has heard about the movie and the costume is great. She said Gal has a great swagger about her and she said the mannequins the costumes are displayed on are actual 3D scans of the actors bodies and Gal really built up for the part which no one has seen yet. Awesome!!

Thanks to @juanmies for the heads up.

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