Wonder Woman Confirmed to Start Filming This Fall in London


DC Expanded Universe producer Deborah Snyder, confirms during her interview with Empire Magazine something that has been floating around for some time now, but has never been officially confirmed and that is that Wonder Woman, starring Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) and Chris Pine (Steve Trevor) will in fact start production this Fall and it’ll be filmed in London, England.

Logistically it is staggering. As Batman V Superman gains its coat of special effects, and the various stages of editing, scoring, grading and sound mixing are completed, Deborah Snyder, along with Roven is watching over a sandbox that stretches around the world. Jenkins is in London prepping Wonder Woman, which will shoot there this autumn.

Source: @Steele131

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  • Bill Richards

    Just my opinion, NOT only did they completely change her outfit. Not even keeping close to the red/yellow and blue … it is being filmed outside the U.S. Superman and Wonder Woman are as Americana as apple pie…

    • Pablo Sanchez

      Ugh, “the american way” was a thing from the yesterday. Not everything has to be about murika. Besides, the apple pie its from England.

      • Bill Richards

        The thing is whether the “Apple pie” was made in England or not.. That again is an old saying.. usually referring to something being ‘American’… like baseball, or hot apple pie. If that is a big issue with some people about her history.. and as I went and copied the research myself – why the big costume change. Was there something wrong with the traditional costume? Do all the ‘new’ heroes have to have their costume revamped? Superman’s changed drastically, Captain America is no longer red/white and blue and now WW doesn’t have the same colors? What’s wrong with being traditional??

        • DIENu52

          I’m totally with you Bill. But fools at DC Comics don’t give a crap about ANYTHING these days. People like Jim Lee Dan Dildo, yes DILDO and the rest of the Goonies just come over here and screw up our stuff then wear a crap eatting grin on their faces one would love to kick and call it a day. This is what happens when idiots take over at DC Comics. They march in and destroy our stuff then march on. I’d rather watch someone feed their baIIs to a pit bull then this stupid Batman V Superman or Wonder Xena movie. Feed them Zach Snyders while your at it. DC Comics/ Warner Bros sucks for this horrid joke they are playing on us. May they continue to lose money and struggle since they now suck.

          • Both Bill and yourself have shown to really not know Wonder Woman’s character and yet you both feel very entitled.

          • Bill Richards

            I’m just a fan of the original. The thing about having discussion is that some views will be different. Some of us still value the traditional, but are called names. At least Marvel is staying more true to the characters.

          • The fact you need to make this into a DC vs. Marvel discussion means you’re running out of things to say. Because anyone who knows anything about comics knows even Marvel isn’t being traditional with their films.

            It’s not about difference of opinions, it’s the fact you keep passing off your opinions as though you know what you’re talking about regarding Wonder Woman, when all you know is a tv series that and what you’re reading on wiki.

          • You’re entitled to your opinion, but don’t pretend you know the character of Wonder Woman simply because you watched a tv series and read a few lines off of Wiki page, also the fact you have to make this into a DC vs. Marvel comment shows you know nothing of what you’re saying once more. Because Marvel films have change a lot from their comics for their films, yes even the outfits and appearances of their female characters.

          • Bill Richards

            Some of the characters you posted above, I am not familiar with. I didn’t like the way that Marvel portrayed the Scarlet Witch. I can see that if someone disagrees with something, that we are told how ‘evil’ we are, and that we should basically shut up. And with your comments like the one you just posted shows that if anyone comes on this thread to say how they are disappointed by the way the costume has changed.. DCCOMICSMovie attacks them. It’s more then remember Lynda’s version (Yes I am old enough to remember when it aired), it’s more then the Superfriends cartoon, it’s more than the animated feature films that I have bought over 20 of… It’s more than that.. If I were NOT a fan of DC .. IF I were NOT a fan of Wonder Woman – I sure wouldn’t be wasting my time voicing my opinion on a forum that is doing their best to attack my opinions like a big bully. You should be grateful that there are MANY, MANY more of us that are true to the original characters. I am in fact showing this forum to the thousands of friends that I have on Facebook and let me see if I am the only one that believes that something in life should remain stable.. So if you want.. you can attack us all.. That’s fine.. I am just a big fan of the “Wonder Woman” that appears on the tv shows, the 20+ DVDs that I have bought (of the animated features)… and you know something they all pretty much have the stars/stripes colors…

          • Correcting your incorrect statements aren’t attacks and pointing out the reality of you not knowing the character and showing proof of that (you using Wiki), is again not attacking. Attacking would be for me name calling you and telling you to leave the site.

            Once again, you’re entitled to your opinion, but don’t pass off what you’re saying as speaking the truth of what should be done of Wonder Woman in film, when you yourself don’t really know or understand the character.

          • Bill Richards

            The “character” I knew and grew up on .. is still the same character that is playing on the animated series. The one with the BRIGHT uniform that stood for justice.. Like all things ‘old’ must be replaced with ‘new’… Stable characters must be replaced with ‘newer’ images and costumes that have NO bearing to the older ones. No… the fans aren’t the ones making the movie.. WE all do wish that a new Wonder Woman would come out.. Why didn’t that series ever take off.. At least the costume was closer to the original (Remember as being a veteran.. it’s all about colors) – Why didn’t that series take off? WE The people are watching.. I do hope that the movie (when it does come out) is true to the character even tho the attitude we get from here sure isn’t. The only way I can make sure that I speak of Wonder Woman in true ‘character’ is to use Wikipedia. (Since it is a fictional character). It doesn’t matter to those who don’t care in liberty, it doesn’t matter to those who never had to put on an uniform.. it doesn’t matter to those who never wore combat boots… but to the men/women who have.. to the men/women who believe in heroes.. it does matter.

          • There’s no DC animated series on tv right now with Wonder Woman.

          • namexam xam

            Another shame for DC/Warner.

          • namexam xam

            You are stupid or something?
            DC is perfect for you?

          • Trevor Douglas Allen

            It’s alright to prefer a different costume (which is not the original). Marvel has definitely made very large changes from their comic book counter parts. It can be frustrating for people/fans to read such negative comments which show cognitive dissonance, and factual inaccuracies.

          • namexam xam

            nor the producers and you know

    • Wonder Woman isn’t American, she was born and raised on
      Themyscira, which is said to be located in the Aegean Sea. The Aegean Sea is closer to England than it is to America.

      • Not only that, but prior to the New 52, Superman renounced his US citizenship, in favor of being a citizen of the planet earth.

      • Bill Richards

        Let me see if I understand this right ..
        Wonder Woman was created by the American psychologist and writer William Moulton Marston.[1]
        Initially, Wonder Woman was an Amazon champion who wins the right to return Steve Trevor – a United States intelligence officer whose plane had crashed on the Amazons’ isolated island homeland – to “Man’s World” and to fight crime and the evil of the Nazis.[16]

        Captain Steve Trevor’s plane crashes on the island and he is found alive but unconscious by Diana and a fellow Amazon. Diana has him nursed back to health and falls in love with him. A competition is held amongst all the Amazons by Diana’s mother, the Queen of the Amazons Hippolyte, in order to determine who is the most worthy of all the women; Hippolyte charges the winner with the responsibility of delivering Captain Steve Trevor back to man’s world and to fight for justice

        Coming to America for the first time, Wonder Woman comes upon a weeping army nurse named Diana Prince. Inquiring about her state, she finds that the nurse wanted to leave for South America with her fiancé but was unable to due to shortage of money. As both of them looked identical and Wonder Woman needed a job and a valid identity to look after Steve (who was admitted in the same army hospital), she gives her the money she had earned earlier to help her go to her fiancé in exchange for her credentials. The nurse reveals her name as Diana Prince, and thus, Wonder Woman’s secret identity was created, and she began working as a nurse in the army.[37][38]

        Well it seems that the United States was mentioned several times as where Princess Diana came to dwell. Like I stated in my first comment.. (We all know where she came from.. but where did she go to? England? No, Saudi Arabia? Australia… – no… The United States… That’s right..

        • Bill Richards

          Although Wonder Woman’s outfit design was originally rooted in American symbolism and iconography, it was later explained as having more Amazon roots.

          • Bill Richards

            This outfit was entirely based on the American flag, as Wonder Woman at that time was purely an American icon.[161]

          • How about you stop using Wiki and read the first issue of Wonder Woman where her mother explains to her why she was given the outfit.

          • Bill Richards

            Well regardless.. there will be some that will like the new changes. Some of us older people won’t.

          • If you love the Wonder Woman tv series so badly, get the set and just rewatch that. Don’t pay any mind to what’s happening to Wonder Woman elsewhere.

          • Bill Richards

            We are so glad that when you have a place for people to comment.. DID you notice that I was the first one to comment. Did you NOT notice that because of my comments that so many others followed? Maybe you should only have it set where all comments are approved first so that way you can make sure that ONLY THE ONES that say what you believe in, you can approve.. Those that you don’t agree with you can make sure to delete instead of attacking those of us that believe in the way it was.

          • Wonder Woman was made in the 40’s, where American’s were narrow minded. The reason she wore the outfit that represented America was to make Americans feel comfortable and accept her. In other words, you want that idea of narrow, close minded thinking to continue on in the Wonder Woman comics over 60 years later.

          • Bill Richards

            Most of the people who grew up with the American icons trusted those icons more than we did our Nation’s presidents. We grew up believing that “truth, justice, and the American way” weren’t just some words to live by. But as with anything else that we grew up on.. let’s change it. Is Superman still “Clark Kent” does he still work in Metropolis? Or has that changed too?? Wonder Woman to the generation that grew up the same time I did – will always remember Lynda Carter’s version. (In fact my drawing of Lynda Carter was recognized by Lynda herself.) – I like staying true to the original. No matter what. No one can sing “Folsom Prison Blues” like Johnny Cash, no one can sing “Suspicious Minds” other than Elvis.. There are things that are considered “narrow minded”… and there are things that people accept as being constant. People need some consistencies in their lives even if everything else in their life is changing.

      • DIENu52

        PARADISE ISLAND! Wonder Woman wears Red, white, and blue with stars. Not a Xena hand me down outfit. I wish Marvel could buy out DC Comics so things could be done correctly. Or at least better. This Nu52 direction where heroes frown, wear costumes that appear like muddy soaked drab colors can go anytime. Man Of Steel was GARBAGE as are most movies DC Comics attempts to do outside of Batman. The only hero you know anything about. Superman hasn’t been good since Christopher Reeve and Gal Gadot is an idiotic choice for Wonder Woman. Stevie Wonder would have picked an actress that looks more the part. The goonies at DC Comics all need to be fired for this joke.

        • From the 80’s…

          • Bill Richards

            Bright colors not like the dark ones of today

          • Were you mad that Lynda Carter wasn’t wearing the original outfit with the long skirt from her original run? Nah most likely not.

          • Bill Richards

            She referenced the skirt in the pilot.. See I am old enough to remember

          • But she didn’t end up with it in the series, that’s the point. Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman may have a similar scene where she wants the brighter suit/long skit and ends up with the other outfit. None of us have seen the film to know otherwise.

    • Recent comics established London as Wonder Woman’s new city, so…

      • That’s right! Good reminder, here’s the proof from Superman Wonder Woman Vol 2. just took this picture:

        • Bill Richards

          Let me see if I can find some of the older comics where Superman was ‘clean shaven’.. and had red trunks. Wonder Woman had a Gold Eagle across her breastplate as well as blue shorts that had white stars on them.. Or let me find clips from the Wonder Woman series played by American actress Lynda Carter. What city were they in then?

          • All that still doesn’t change the fact that Superman and Wonder Woman aren’t American born.

          • Bill Richards

            We all know that.

          • Then what’s your issue, if you realize neither Superman and Wonder Woman are American?

  • Maria Fatima Tejido Baz

    She is not American she is from Greece, she is a demigod , daughter of Zeus.

    • Gal isn’t American hahaha. And technically, WW is from Themyscira ;P

  • Bill Richards

    Lydna Carter will always be Wonder Woman to the majority of those who remember her..

    • The television series wasn’t 100% canon to the comics and yet here you are saying Lydna Carter’s Wonder Woman will always be Wonder Woman, when Wonder Woman has always been a non-American born and raised Amazon from Paradise Island/Themyscira, even in that television series. Basing Wonder Woman on one TV series that ran for 3 seasons verse 60+ years worth of story is you being very closed to change.

      • Bill Richards

        No matter who or where we came from.. Some of us remembers the heroes from ‘yesteryear’. To the generation who grew up with Lynda Carter’s version of Wonder Woman also grew up with Christopher Reeve’s Superman. (I still remember George Reeve’s Superman). I remember watching Adam West as Batman on the television and I was really shocked with Michael Keaton got the role in 1989. (He brought alive the Dark Knight). There are some icons that even through cartoons and animated features that have stayed true to the colors of the television shows. No matter if you agree, of if you want to insult me over what we believe to be the symbol of what we remember ( thru the Lynda Carter’s version, thru the cartoons from “Super Friends” from the 70’s and even up to today of the various animated shows that have Wonder Woman – they still have her bright yellow, blue and red outfit. That’s what we have gotten used to. Getting angry at the fans will only push away those that may be interested in seeing the movie… DC should be thankful that they have a LOT of fans that believe in the way that it was… and how we hoped it would stay more truer to the way they were portrayed. But knowing this forum, I will be ‘attacked’ again simply on what we were brought up knowing.

        • Ivan

          The mentality that you’re bringing to this topic is the exact reason why it is such a challenge to create a dc shared universe as opposed to marvel. They’re basically starting from scratch with their characters. However, when it comes to DC, people have these built in conditions to what they believe the characters SHOULD be. It’s a particular problem with Superman and Wonder Woman. This is the reason why Zack Snyder is the perfect director for this job, He doesn’t really care what a few naysayers think, he just does what is necessary to make this thing work.

    • Gal Gadot will be the Wonder Woman for a whole new, bigger audience of today.

  • DIENu52

    DC Comics sucks at movies but one thing they are great at is flubbing them up! I don’t see Wonder Woman I see Xena Warrior Princess. This chic looks nothing like Wonder Woman AT ALL! Hate the costume, the casting, the New 52 dark direction. Somebody call Lynda Carter please.

    • You mean Xena looks like Wonder Woman.

      • Bill Richards

        Oh I agree when Xena came out that they did rip off a lot of Wonder Woman. (I wasn’t a big fan of Xena anyway) – What made me a big fan of Wonder Woman was that she was ON American soil, fought for values that we believed in (regardless if that is considered “American” or not – still the values) – the bright, colorful uniform that represented (artistically) that she would “SHINE” through. To me Wonder Woman was the “female” warrior that none other could compare to. She was up there par to Superman – Xena could never come close.

    • Ivan

      My understanding of wonder woman is this. She’s beautiful, a foreigner(amazon), and confident. Obviously there’s more to her than that but that’s some of the basics. Gal Gadot meets those requirements. In fact, although i don’t read comics, she appears to be a great fit for wonder woman in my eyes.

  • These comments make me laugh hahaha. Who says that they HAVE to film at the exact location anyways? Obviously Hobbit/LOTR didn’t take a trip to Middle Earth to film their fucking film. Haha. People find a way to nit pick EVERYTHING nowadays.

  • I truly love the 70’s TV Show but you conservative fans are missing the point greatly.

    Lynda Carter’s Wondy is the most popular incarnation out of the comic book world, but we can’t demand for the new universe to follow that line since it was so campy and economic and different from what WW has became through the last 70 decades.

    Asking for the cinematic universe to ignore the whole mithology in favor of a close-minded idea is really disrespectful to the character.

    Thank you for the amazing years, Lynda! Now Gal is taking the torch <3

  • Bill Richards

    Even in the cartoons.. Like I mentioned earlier.. she still wearing the bright uniform. But hey attack me cause DC is still doing the right thing on the animated films. This is the reason why I will still buy the animated features.

    • Ivan

      Look, I was a fan of the Lynda Carter T.V show, But it isn’t the 70’s or 80’s anymore. I would not re- watch that show if someone gave it to me for free. I also would not re watch the Reeves/Donner films again, even though I likewise enjoyed those films as a child. We live in a post 911 world and these characters need to reflect that on film, that includes they’re attire. Unless were talking about ultra campy/ridiculous characters like Antman and Thor, because you can’t even remotely make those characters appear serious. I’ve been seeing constant complaining about Superman and Wonder woman online. We don’t own the characters, Warner Bros does. They have to make these characters appeal to a massive foreign audience as well as a new generation of Americans who know nothing of the Lynda carter or Chris reeves versions of the characters. People really need to drop the nostalgia nonsense.

    • You keep proving how you’re not familiar with Wonder Woman, because this is how she looks nowadays in the animated films.

  • Jorge

    I don’t know why people are so fixated with the outfit. It looks like Wonder Woman to me. In my humble opinion for a 2016 film and within the premises of Batman vs Superman it makes total sense. And let’s face it, for film these days it works. We cannot have a campy outfit like the one Lynda wore in the 70’s because it would be silly. Plus, WB stated before that this is only one of six different costumes that Wonder Woman will be wearing between Batman vs Superman, her solo movie and Justice League.

  • I am highly anticipating the release of this film. It is high time for a Wonder Woman solo, live-action feature.

  • Lorenzo Ron Monterola Magtibay

    I like Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. 🙂 She’s very beautiful.

  • namexam xam

    Ugliest actress, without any talent, WTF, Warner?