Wonder Woman Confirmed to Start Production in November


Deborah Snyder who’s one of producers for the DC Extended Universe, during a panel for the See Jane Salon Power to Greenlight event at the YouTube Space in Los Angels on September 1st, hosted by Geena Davis, confirmed that Wonder Woman will starts production in November.

She also spoke a bit on Wonder Woman’s director Patty Jenkins and the hiring process for the crew on the film.

“We still wanted a female director and we found Patty Jenkins, who had the right vision, the same vision that we had for the character and we’re really happy that we’re going to be going into production in November. It’s been a really great process, we tried to hire as many females people on the crew, as possible…”

Thanks to @juanmies for the heads up!

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  • Tony Vargas

    So they wanted to hire all woman. Not against equality, but I sincerely hope it was to make the film good and not just an advertisement for “Hey look, were progressing”.

    • Or maybe it’s about living up to what the movie stands for?

      • This. No one complains when it’s all white guys working on this stuff. Plus, no one says “aw man, this movie sucked, cuz of all the white guys they had”. Not sure why people feel so threatened when it’s women or POC.

  • Phil Dunlap

    There are so many incompetent white men working in Hollywood who get work just because they’re white men, even if ALL the women they hire are incompetent, it can’t be any worse than most movies. How many people are questioning Josh Trank’s gender or race after the disaster that is Fantastic Four? Has anyone questioned whether hiring a white man was a bad idea? Even though the vast majority of crap-ass movies have been directed by white men? How about ALL the producers and studio executives who were behind that mess? Has there been any backlash against white men because of this or any other high-profile flops?

    I always say that true equality will come when there are enough women and minorities in any given industry that they have the freedom to just be mediocre and still get work.

    All that said, yes, I hope this will be a truly amazing and groundbreaking film. Patty Jenkins has a better resume than Josh Trank, Gareth Edwards, James Gunn, Marc Webb, Colin Terverrow, Jon Watts, or any other white male who has recently been trusted with big name films (Heck, she’s got a better resume than Chris Nolan or Joss Whedon did when they got their big superhero movies). These white dudes routinely get these high-profile gigs with virtually no resume, yet a woman or a person of color with a similar (or better) resume is given a high-profile film and people immediately question their gender or race. Let them prove themselves as directors, don’t expect them to prove their entire demographic. White men don’t labor under that burden.

    • A+ post!

    • Batfreak

      What are you talking about, Patty Jenkins has a better resume than Joss Whedon or Chris Nolan did before they got their superhero movies?? To this DAY, Patty Jenkins has only made one film of note: “Monster,” and that was 12 years ago. Since then she’s worked solely in the television spectrum (and only a little bit, just a few episodes here and there). Chris Nolan had “Following,” “Memento,” and “Insomnia” by the time he was given “Batman Begins.” Joss Whedon wrote AND directed Firefly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Dr Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog all before he got “The Avengers.”

      So to say that Jenkins’ resume was better than the other directors you mentioned is a fallacy. As a director, she has very little experience in film and television (a couple shorts, a few episodes here and there, and “Monster”). Josh Trank may be unskilled, but Gareth Edwards, James Gunn, Marc Webb, Colin Trevorrow, Jon Watts, Chris Nolan, and Joss Whedon are all VASTLY more experienced.

      Check your facts next time, guy, when you decide to attack “the white man” for his success in Hollywood. That’s like saying someone on YouTube has a better resume than someone who’s been in Hollywood for 20 years. Get a clue.

      • Phil Dunlap

        Yeah, Chris Nolan and Joss Whedon were a stretch I admit (although Joss had only directed one movie), but the point is that neither had helmed a big budget or box office smash before they got handed the keys to major franchises. As for those other guys, their resumes are no better than Jenkins’. To say that ANY of them are “VASTLY” more experienced is an absurd overstatement. Their resumes are littered with shorts, vanity projects, and TV shows, just like Jenkins’. But Jenkins got an Oscar-winning performance out of her star and “Monster” made more than everything James Gunn, Colin Treverrow, Gareth Edwards and Jon Watts made before their breaks COMBINED (which in most cases was one movie, just like Jenkins). Is that enough research for you, champ?

        But again, she shouldn’t have to prove the worth of her entire gender. If we judged all white male directors by Josh Trank it would be a sad day for white men indeed. And if you think pointing out that white men have made ALL of the crappiest movies in history is “attacking the white man,” then you clearly need to work on your critical thinking. The point, which I laid out pretty plainly, is that women and people of color should be given the opportunity to fail just as much as the white men of the when men’s network are allowed to. I’m not attacking the “success” of white men in Hollywood (or any other industry), but if you give white men as many chances as they’ve been given, of course they’re going to have success. But the mentality that “Oh, this woman or black guy better succeed or it’ll just prove that women and black guys can’t direct movies” is patently moronic. (And I know no one here actually said that. I don’t mean to make a straw man argument, but it is a mentality that exists in the context of Hollywood and many other industries.)

        Here’s some more research, slugger, Just Google “Hollywood diversity” and here’s what you’ll find:
        “Study on Hollywood diversity paints bleak picture for anyone who is not a white man”
        “Study finds that women and minorities are still underrepresented among actors, directors and executives”

        Here’s a link to the report if you’re interested: http://annenberg.usc.edu/pages/~/media/MDSCI/Inequality%20in%20700%20Popular%20Films%208215%20Final%20for%20Posting.ashx

        • Migeulito

          What are you talking about? You’re just jumping on the SJW bandwagon. There is ABUNDANT representation of PoCs – especially AAs – in Hollywood. The demographics in Hollywood go above and beyond the demographics of the actual population. You even get to replace traditionally white characters with PoCs – exactly what you ask for. Yes there are more white men in Hollywood but most of them are on their way out. They’re old. The representation is changing and if you deny that you’re being willfully ignorant.

          • Phil Dunlap

            Dude, I linked to a 7-year USC study about diversity in Hollywood which determines that women and minorities are woefully under-representedin all strata of the industry. Are you seriously saying you have “ABUNDANT” evidence to the contrary? I would love to see it, as well as all your documentation and bibliography. Or is your “ABUNDANT” evidence that they cast black actors as Iris West and Johnny Storm? Because that’s not the same thing.

            I’m think ignoring respected research centers and the long-term studies that they produce is a little more “willfully ignorant” than anything I said. But, yeah, old men die, you’re right. Problem solved.

          • I’ve come to learn that whenever people start talking about “SJW”, they are really just saying they like the status quo exactly as it is.

          • What are YOU talking about? There’s most certainly NOT “ABUNDANT representation of PoCs – especially AAs – in Hollywood.” Not by any stretch. Where are you getting this from?? Any links, references?

        • Thanx for the link, Phil. Despite what some folks say, it was quite informative.

          • Phil Dunlap

            Thanks for the support, buddy.

      • True, Nolan was a stretch, but not the others. Especially Gunn. The dude was an abject failure, as far as putting butts in seats goes. And Whedon’s resume pre-Marvel was sketchy at best.