Wonder Woman Filming in Palinuro and Camerota, Italy on March 24th


According to Infocilento.itWarner Bros. started production for Wonder Woman in Palinuro and Camerota, Italy on Thursday, March 24th, as they were able to snap some photos from the set of the film.

The landslide that blocked since last night the SS to the ranch, including Palinuro and Camerota has not stopped the Warner Bros that kicked off the filming of Nightingale, the new Hollywood blockbuster due out in theaters in 2017. The set was set up this morning and today there were the first shots in the Capo Grosso di Camerota.

The filming will take place also in the localities Archon and Ponticelle until 23 April.

In this period, the area will be off limits: the coast guard of Palinuro, in fact, ordered the ban to navigate and anchor with whatever units (both pleasure that for professional use); to practice swimming, diving and fishing. The prohibitions (except for the means of the captaincy and production), are provided for a range of three hundred meters.

A video of the filming location was also released by CilentoTV.

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