Wonder Woman Filming in the Bourne Woods


The Wonder Woman production has been spotted in the Bourne Woods, located south of Farnham, Surrey, England, that’s known as a filming location for many movies.

What was spotted at the location is a is Warner Bros. production truck, along with a hut set as a checkpoint, with an old styled World War I vehicle next to it and a very foggy setting.

Check point looking much more authentic today #bournewoods #farnham #surrey #wonderwoman

A photo posted by Kevin (@bigkev78) on

Fully kitted out ready for use #bournewoods #farnham #surrey #wonderwoman

A photo posted by Kevin (@bigkev78) on

WWI vehicle next to the check point #bournewoods #farnham #surrey #wonderwoman

A photo posted by Kevin (@bigkev78) on

Smoke/Mist effects for #wonderwoman in #bournewoods today πŸ™‚

A photo posted by Rich Mark Lewis (@blackenedrich) on

#wonderwoman filming in #bournewoods

A photo posted by Rich Mark Lewis (@blackenedrich) on

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  • Barry Allen

    What other movies have been filmed there?

  • titter

    really curious how this all will play out, right now i rather see a modern day ww but hopefully they can pull off this time difference thing

  • Max Strauss

    I cant see the four twitter pictures, only the instagram ones.

  • Cow Commando

    so is the whole movie gonna take place during ww1??

    • Word has it it’ll take place during different times, but seems like mainly WWI for the most part of the film… nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

  • Simon

    Halt in the 4th picture means Stop in German
    as a German myself I love the idea of Diana interacting with German soldiers(if they arent all EVIL πŸ˜›

  • IronBatMaidenMan

    Nice that place looks beautiful!

    • marillion1

      Hi I live nearby and went for a walk there today and saw another film set.Being Sunday , there wasn’t any activity, I think it’s just being set up , all that was there was a Warner Bros van and some lighting rigs .A few years back they let us walk on the Thor 2 set and we saw a load of extras in costume, then about a year ago , a security guard let me watch a scene from Age of Ultron being filmed. Over the last 10 years, there has been a stack of big budget films being made there.The woods are fairly small but beautiful , with some steep hills and nice vistas – when you visit you can see why they would want ti use it.