Wonder Woman Finishes Filming in Marina di Camerota, Italy


The cast and crew for Wonder Woman were spotted on the coast of Marina di Camerota in Italy filming scenes that took place in the waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, near the tower of Zancale. 

The last day of filming took place on Saturday, April 9th as they filmed a scene with World War 1 soldier, in a rowing boats, heading towards the shore line of what we assume is of Themyscira. In one of the set photos, one of the rowing boats is set on fire, as it sits on the beach.

None of the titled characters seem to have spotted on Saturday’s shoot, looks like the majority of what was filmed that day was B-Roll footage.

To view the images that were taken from that day, head over to Zerottonove.it and Giornaledelcilento.it.

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