Wonder Woman Footage Shown at CinemaCon


CinemaCon which has been taking place all week in Las Vegas, where studios such as Warner Bros. have been presenting their future films at the event. During the panel for Warner Bros. new footage from Wonder Woman was shown, along new details on the DC Extended Universe , such as the confirmation of Ben Affleck during the solo Batman film and other details about the Justice League

The Wonder Woman footage that was shown:

Warner Bros. talked up the “expansive” nature of the DC Comics cinematic universe during a presentation to exhibitors at CinemaCon on Tuesday, while debuting footage from “Wonder Woman” that highlighted the Amazonian warrior princess beating up a platoon of World War I soldiers. There was also a brief glimpse of love interest Chris Pine atop a motorcycle, as well as Wonder Woman using her shield to deflect gunfire, and riding a horse, sword drawn and ready for action.

“We’re going to see her coming of age,” said director Patty Jenkins (“Monster”), during a video introduction.

On the DC Extended Universe and the Justice League:

In a video presentation highlighting these grand ambitions, production chief Greg Silverman said the film gave audiences, “the first real taste of this expanding universe.”

He added, “It’s exciting for the fans to see how interconnected all these universes are.”

Geoff Johns, chief creative officer of DC Entertainment, also said “Justice League” represented a big step forward, saying “bringing them on screen together is seismic.”

Source: Variety

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