Wonder Woman Inevitable to Push the DC Extended Universe to $3 Billion


According to Mark Hughes of Forbes, in his latest box office report, he states that it’s inevitable that Wonder Woman will push the DC Extended Universe franchise past the $3 billion dollar threshold.  

For Wonder Woman to do that, it’ll need to make in a total of 713.1 million dollars worldwide, as Man of Steel ended its run with $668 million, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ended its run with $873.3 million and Suicide Squad ended its run with $745.6 million, settling the franchise’s earning at $2.2 billion.

Now the question is, can Wonder Woman managed to make $713.1 million at the worldwide box office? As this article is being written Warner Bros. has officially reported that the film has already crossed the $300 million at the worldwide box office for its first week.

But the latest report by Forbes says the film will be sitting at $420 million at the worldwide box office by the end of its second weekend, leaving the film needing to make $293.1 for the rest of its worldwide run to help push the DC Extended Universe into the $3 billion club.

If one is to believe a film has a good shelf life of about 14 weeks at the box office, $293.1 million for the next 12 weeks looks to be is very possible.

Source:  Forbes 

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