Wonder Woman Passes $600 Million at the Worldwide Box Office


Wonder Woman has officially passed the $600 million dollar threshold at the worldwide box office in 20 days, which is very impressive for a solo comic book character film. The film is sitting at $601.6 million exactly as of today.

The rate Wonder Woman is going at the domestic and worldwide box office it’s likely looking like the film will end its run with $750 million, beating out the likes of Man of Steel ($668 million) and Suicide Squad’s ($745 million) worldwide totals.

Which will once again be impressive accomplishment as both film cost production wise, more than that of Wonder Woman, in hand making Wonder Woman being the profitable film for Warner Bros. thus far in the DC Extended Universe.

At the rate Wonder Woman is going box office wise and the general acceptance by fans, the general audience and critics,  the character herself might be the new face for DC Comics in the main stream, knocking the likes of Superman and Batman.

Source: Forbes.com

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