Wonder Woman Production Budget is $150 Million


The budget for Wonder Woman supposedly been disclosed in the casting announcement for Swedish Mixed Martial Arts Fighter and stunt actor Madeleine Vall.

In the confirmation release through Vall’s social media and her official site, the Wonder Woman’s production budget is disclosed as $150 million. If true that’ll make Wonder Woman’s production cost $100 million less than that of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’s.

With all the different filming locations around England, Italy and France, along with what looks to be many use of practical effects, it’s surprising to see the film cost less than Batman v Superman by so much.

Here’s English translation of the confirmation of Vall’s role in Wonder Woman, with the budget disclosed within:

Madde Vall has just come home after recording of Wonder Woman in which she plays a small role as an Amazon warrior “Egeria”. DC Comics superhero Wonder Woman, produced by Warner Bros. to a budget of 150 million dollars, goes up on the big screen in June 2017. In the lead roles are Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman), Robin Wright (Antiope), Connie Nielsen (Hippolyta), Chris Pine (Steve Trevor) and Norwegian Lisa Loven Kongsli, known from the “Tourist” (2014).

Of course this isn’t official until Warner Bros. confirms it.

Source: Madeleinevall.isilife.se

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  • Revenant Traveler

    As long as a (relatively) leaner production budget translates into an exceptional WW solo outing-as I suspect it will-then I’ve zero problem with this…..

  • Sharito7

    WB and DC will improve, I like BvS and MOS a lot. This whole comic book cinema has been dominated so long for MCU that people is just so used to that. It will take time but DC will make a crack on cinema. Also this sounds good for the budget, hopefully this movie is profitable and good because is long over due a comicbook movie with a female superhero.