Zack Snyder Says Ben Affleck Directing the Solo Batman Film Will Be a Prerequisite


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder, who’s also an executive producer for the DC Extended Universe, spoke on Ben Affleck directing the Batman solo film when asked on it during the Batman v Superman press junket if he’s working on getting Ben to do the Batman solo film, where he states that Affleck directing the film would be a prerequisite of him doing the film.

“I keep working on it, you know, like he always says he’s a one movie at a time guy. He’s finishing editing his film and Live by Night then comes to Justice League, then after that he’s going to try and develop a story and see if he likes them.”

[interviewer] Hopefully he jumps on board, as director as well.

“Oh yeah, for sure, I think he would, I think that’s kind of a prerequisite, hopefully for him doing it is.”

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