Zack Snyder Says It Was Fun Using Batman as the Answer to Superman


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder in a recent interview in the February issue of Empire Magazine , now on newsstand, spoke on the differences between Batman and Superman in the film, by stating how it was fun using Batman as an answer to Superman in the movie, because he wasn’t flying around and was more practical. 

 “It has been really fun using Batman as the answer to Superman, because he’s not flying around and acting crazy. He’s just driving around in his Batmobile, doing his Batstuff. We were able to do a lot of this practically, Batman brings that back. Figuring out how to mix Batman’s practical approach with Superman has been an awesome experience…”

On filming the film with IMAX cameras, after admitting to wanting to up-the-ante:

“I’m not sure how long those cameras are going to be around. But I have never shot digitally.”


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