Zack Snyder Seeing Batman v Superman In IMAX This Weekend


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder, according to What Culture, will be attending a special screening of the film for the first time in IMAX, assuming in the ground breaking laser technology, which is the next generation of projection and sound system, as it was announced at an IMAX With Laser event in London, England.

The screening will be taking place in Los Angeles this weekend.

At an IMAX With Laser event in London, it was revealed that Zack Snyder is going to be viewing the film’s IMAX effects for the first time in LA this weekend.


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  • Newmantoplease

    Damn you Zack!!!

  • IronBatMaidenMan

    That’s awesome!!!

  • Thelor

    I want to be there!

  • Scott Vinnacombe

    “Assuming in?”

    • It was announced at the IMAX with Laser event in London and CityWalk in LA supposedly got one installed, so one has to assumed it might be in IMAX with Laser vs. regular IMAX.

  • jokensy

    I just hope some douchebag don’t sneak in the theatre with a hidden camera and film the whole movie in crappy quality then release it on the internet spoiling the movie for everyone…

    • Peter Hill

      I doubt it. Security is going to be tight! Like as tight as Star Wars 7!

  • Red Queen

    Oh, Zack, why are you making me hate you?

  • Nicholas Allen Cotner

    Jealousy intensifies

  • WW

    This isn’t fair, but only six months away. This is a nice site by the way, I like the countdown timer on here

    • ßαßγ J

      Fancy meeting you gals here !

      • WW

        Hey how are you? 🙂 Do you like this site?

        • ßαßγ J

          Ya, I do, actually 🙂
          I drop in every once in a while. They seem to have those lil’ pieces of news that escape most big sites, and that’s great.

          • WW

            I will be checking this out more often. It seems BN has changed now that there is an off topic forum where everyone else in on now, and you’re right they do have the little extra info

          • ßαßγ J

            Good for B-N. I was told on twitter that right after I’d left something truly aweful happened, with some folks posting friggin’ PORN gifs (!!!!!!). Glad I wasn’t around to see that O_o

          • Red Queen

            Yeah, I’m not going back there for a while.

          • Nicholas Allen Cotner


          • WW

            There was, I saw a couple and that was when I realized I was over it all and quite frankly things were not about DC nymore, this was becoming something else. I’ll check every once and awhile, but my days are numbered

          • Red Queen

            Yeah, this is a nice little website. Anything DC related outside of the comics, they have it. I come here a lot, but I don’t always comment.

  • David Wooderson

    • Steve Trevor

      TNx bro ;D

  • Speaking of IMAX – Can’t wait to get an E-mail about this…

    • WW

      I’m so ready too

      • We are the lucky ones that’s for sure… I’m just so greatful to experience this…

        • WW


  • Booker T Jr.

    Damn dawg. Zack Snyder you are the MVP in comic book movies right now. I’m so jealous right now, why won’t this damn year end already!?