Zack Snyder Spotted on the Supergirl Set


Zack Snyder who’s the Director of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, as well as Man of Steel and Watchmen, was spotted on the set of Supergirl. The host of Superhero News on Youtube Adam Hlavac, posted a photo of his buddy with Snyder on his Twitter account.

Hlavac also made sure to be clear that from his knowledge, Snyder is not working on Supergirl, he was just on the Warner Bros. lot working on Batman v Superman. Guess he just so happened to appear on the set of Supergirl during some downtime while he was working on the film?


Clarification thanks to Adam Hlavac, on why Snyder was on the set:

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  • Eric Curto

    Its funny he knew well enough to make it a point to say he isn’t involved knowing us speculators lol. That must have been great to have him on set. Maybe he will bring Supergirl(a different one) into the DCCU soon

    • [fans]Crisis confirmed![/fans]

      • SAMURAI36

        LOL, a fan can only hope, right? Still, it’s great to see that level of solidarity, especially when there are those that think there’s no cohesion between all the DC film creators.

        • Eric Curto

          yea if anything it confirms that Snyder is still cutting together the film, maybe they had some reshoots we didn’t hear about or they could be cutting a new trailer together for SDCC

          • SwampSpectre

            Even when he’s not at WB explicitly working on BvS, I’m sure he’s around for script meetings and pre-production work for the Wonder Woman film. He and his wife are producing and it’s extremely likely he’s involved with the character discussions that, we know for a fact, are currently going on with Geoff Johns and Patty Jenkins. They can’t be the only two involved in those chats, after all, Jenkins did reference her “team”

          • SAMURAI36

            Excellent points. WB is much more clandestine about their inner workings than their competitors, who seem to inform the fan base every step of the way. The way the competition does it, is like Subway, where they make the sandwiches right in front of the customer, where as WB is like a full course restaurant, where they take their time making all the food in the back kitchen, & you may not know who all the cooks in the kitchen are, nor all the ingredients they use, until the meal is fully prepared. Both methods have their advantages as well as disadvantages.

    • Kuchisake

      Since Supergirl isn’t tied o the Flash/Arrow universe, there is still a chance of crossing over, due to the fact that thery’re introducing Earth-2 in the upcoming season of Flash.

      • Eric Curto

        that is not confirmed Greg Berlanti said he wrote the Supergirl pilot so they could connect one day

      • Eric Curto

        Also The Flash and Arrow are already Earth 2, if you watched the 1st season of The Flash they revealed that