Zack Snyder Talks Batman’s Suit Design, Frank Miller’s Influence on Film and Much More


As we previously reported, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder was an attendee and also spoke at Bob Kane’s Walk of Fame Ceremony, where Kane was being honored a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

During Snyder’s time there, he spoke with Comic Book Resources on what he discussed during his speech regarding the design of Batman’s suit, what new elements he wanted to bring with his Batman, as well as spoke on Frank Miller’s influence on film and how much more will be shown regarding the tone of the film.

CBR News: Zack, you discussed during the ceremony the development process of finding your take on the Batman costume. I’d like to hear some more insight into what that process was like for you — did you come in with a very strong idea, and how much did it evolve along that way?
I think that’s it. I had a really strong idea about what I wanted to do — I really wanted to do sort of a fabric-based Batman; not what’s become the more normal, armored Batman. That’s how we evolved it.

It was also made official that Batman is the superhero that has had the most film adaptations. What was it like for you, stepping into a character like this, and what new elements did you want to bring to the character that viewers haven’t seen before?

I definitely wanted an older Batman. I wanted a war-weary Batman. That’s why, in a lot of ways, Ben was really perfect for me — we kind of aged him a little bit. It worked really great. I’m really excited about the Batman we created.

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